School Prank

October 16th, 2009

As I was reading through Rohit‘s post on how he missed school, I recollected one of the pranks that a few of us did back in school.


The Maths staff was droning on and on about some crazy analytical geometry stuff that flew over my head. Lunch bell was supposed to ring in 5 minutes and I was looking at my wrist watch every 10 seconds to see if those nerve-wracking 5 minutes were over! Each second passed painfully as a minute. Stomach was rumbling as well & in all restlessness, we came up with a prank to execute it during lunch.

Benches and desks in my school were lengthy. Up to 4 people would be able to sit with their bags on them. Oh! and we would start having those border problems of whose bag can come up to which place on the bench… But that’s for another post.

As soon as the lunch bell rang, we dashed out even before the teacher had left and brought in lunch ๐Ÿ™‚ . The teacher was slightly shocked but left the class nevertheless, glaring at us. We devoured our lunch quickly. As per the prank’s plot:

  1. We would punch lot of tiny holes on the bench using our compass and dividers.
  2. We would then pour tiny amounts of water on them and let it soak. When wood gets soaked for sometime, its topmost layer comes off and leaves a black substance.
  3. Students would be called to sit at the place and answer a few questions and then made to go off.

A bubbly girl named M was about to finish her lunch. Did I say we were in white uniform that day? We called M, made her sit on the bench with soaked wood. With a pen and paper, it was like we were conducting an interview… asked her some silly questions and told her to go to the black board and write as, “The interview was good.” which she did. Giggles were starting to spread around soon & few more guys and girls started to appear to “take part” in the interview. One by one, their bums became black and wet with all the water we had poured on the bench and before long, lot of their pants had soiled ๐Ÿ˜€

The bell rang & as a teacher entered in, she noticed one guy’s pant being soiled. She stared at us & sent us out immediately because we were giggling by that time.


Those were fun times man! It was a different kind of fun than we are having now. But fun… it sure is! Share your pranks in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

Kids and Kittens

October 13th, 2008

About 4 weeks ago,ร‚ย a cat had given birth to 2 kittens. Since then, those kittens are playing around with everybody they seem to cross. They look very cute. A big face when compared to their overall body size, especially their eyes! LOL.

Anyhoo… it was a sleepy saturday afternoon when I went to the bike stand to go out somewhere. Two guys were playing. One was aged 7 and the other was aged 12. They were moving very quickly between the bikes on the stand. I got curious when the older kid held a bike tightly with this hand, while the other one climbed on top to try and reach the asbestos roof. Perched atop the roof was one of the kittens.

Fearing that he may slip, I wanted him to come down & the following discussion ensued.

Me: Dai, keezha vizhundhuda pora. Erangu da. (Translates to, “Dude, you may fall down and get hurt. Climb down”).
Him: Illa anna. Naa andha poonaya pidikanum. (Translates to, “No brother. I want to catch the kitten”).
Me: Dai, adha yen da nondra? (Translates to, “Why mess with the kitten unnecessarily?”).

Saying this, he deftly placed his hand on one of the cracks on the asbestos roof and tried to pull the kitten down by its tail. But it gotร‚ย a bit wild and puts in head down to push him off. But that didn’t deter him. I was a bit afraid now. Here was a small guy who was standing on the edge of a bike & he may slip & break his jaws. But at any cost, he wanted the kitten down and be with him.

Me: Edhukku da unakku andha poonai ippo venum? (Translates to, “Why do you want that kitten now?”)
Him: Anna, na adhukku rendu naala saapadu pottu valathukuttu varen. Adhu konjam kooda nandri illama, mela yeri okandhirukku. Adhan erakka poren (Translates to, “Brother, I have fed it food for the lastร‚ย 2 days. But without showing any gratitude, it has climbed up beyond reach and sitting there. That’s why I’m going to bring it down now.”)ร‚ย ….

THAT ZAPPED ME! seriously! What the 7 year old spoke just now weren’t small words ๐Ÿ™‚ Kids are powerful.


September 25th, 2008

Few days ago, I was chatting with a guy in my office. It goes without saying that the guy is far more experienced than me.ร‚ย Myself and my team mate were showing a prototype UI & this conversation happened.ร‚ย Here’s how it went:

Me: Please check this functionality & let us know if you have questions.

Guy: Keeps his left hand on his chin, turns his head slightly, squints at the monitor, pointing his right hand at the webpage & without checking an ounce of functionality, says … The UI doesn’t look good. Make changes to it.

Me: Okay… We are working on it.

Guy: Suddenly stares at me with a blank expressionร‚ย & says … Hey don’t use “div” tag.

Me: (I’m obviously confused) … Why not?

Guy: Stares again and says … Major browsers don’t support it well !!

That hit me – like a brick – on the head and I was dazed for a second. Team mate and myself burst out laughing and walked out of the room ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh! did I mention that it was supposed to be a “technical” discussion?

Love at First Sight

June 16th, 2007

What is love at first sight? According to me, it is the emotional surge that you get when you see something so beautiful or interesting (its relative… meaning, what is beautiful for you may not be beautiful for me) that for a brief moment, it captures your heart and holds your attention. During that hypnostic moment, your eyes don’t see anything else, your ears don’t listen to anything else. All the available body resources are pooled in to enjoy that “love-at-first-sight” moment. When you come out of the trance, you just laugh it away and all body resources come back to normal.

Yep! as if you had not guessed it by now, I got affected by the love-at-first-sight moment yesterday. And yeah! it nearly burned a Rs.1000/- hole in my pocket. I was shopping yesterday and 1 particular shoe’s design caught my eye and I couldn’t take my eyes off it ๐Ÿ˜€ It was breathtakingly superb. Just loved it. Therefore, I bought it heheh!

Anyway, I’m back after a well-deserved month long break from blogging :-). You can see me posting more frequently from now on.


8th Standard Adventure

February 16th, 2007

I was in my 8th grade ok… and there was this doom(amn)ed subject called Social Science. So much so that I used to fail, without fail, in that subject in every possible grade. But magic happens atleast once every year… they promote me to next grade by making me pass in social science. Don’t ask me how.

Ah! Coming to the point, a small incident happened during the 8th grade that makes me laugh if I remember it even now.

It was one of the routine special classes after school hours for me. Myself and 4 others who were perennial failures in social science, were waiting in the class for the Sir (teacher) to come. He tucks away the textbooks under his arms and walks like a fat doll to class… the very sight that would make us go ROTFL. Coconut hair oil would leak from his hair and as he walks near our class, all the guys would identify him through the distinct stink that encircles him all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

That fateful day, as usual, he came to our class. All the 5 of us sat on separate benches. The minute he walked in, he announced, “Dei.. today civics 1, 2, 3 lesson test da. I come in 10 minutes da. If not all writing test, you get beating da. I coming back in 5 minute. You all start study da.” So saying, he left the class and promptly came back in 5 mins. I was sitting in the bench that is straight opposite to the teacher’s bench. As soon as I sat down, I started laughing. He noticed it and told, “Dei.. once more you laughing, I hitting you.” But ofcourse, the laughter hadn’t died down and the other 4 guys were so curious as to know what was happening.

Soon, one of them threw a pen near my desk (yup! that same old trick), came near and asked me why I was laughing. I told him, “Machi, sir zippu podla” (Sir hasn’t zipped his pant) and he went ROTFL. Soon, the other 3 guys also came to know… and we all were laughing like hell. Now, the sir also got curious. When 5 of them are laughing, there ought to be some reason and so he questioned us.

I gathered a little enough courage and amidst my laughter, told him that he had forgotten to zip his pants. He face became tomato red… hands cold… expression changed to a cold stare… bits of anger popping up… but we were still laughing. He looked down, looked up again.. smiled.. and then zipped it up. LOL! No test that day and you know what, when he came to class the next morning, the whole class laughed at him he he he… !

A Rainy Experience

October 30th, 2006

At a time when its raining so heavily these days…. at a time when our shirts and trousers take days to dry away…. and at a time when we even have to press our underwears with hot iron to dry them up… and also at a time when roads are water logged, one must necessarily be covered from head to toe with the best of raincoats so that you don’t get soaked up.

So what happened today was that I was ambling my bike slowly through the traffic at a signal. The place was flooded and I had to move beyond the stop line. The signal fell green… me being pissed off at the very little road space available, accelerated the bike to the full possible speed and ran whooosh!! over the water. People next to me were completely drenched. Most notable was a lady, riding pillion, who had no kind of raincoat on her. She got wet from top to bottom. Her husband got angry on me and what followed was a bike race he he he… !!!

The main problem during rainy seasons is that, water gets logged at some places and driving over them creates some nuisanse. But what if the water doesn’t recede from the center of the road? There is no other option but to drive over them. There is no point in shouting at the riders driving over the water. For that point, even I got drenched yesterday and since I was wearing a rain coat, I escaped ๐Ÿ˜‰

Moral of the Story: Buy a raincoat during rainy seasons.