Kids and Kittens

October 13th, 2008

About 4 weeks ago, a cat had given birth to 2 kittens. Since then, those kittens are playing around with everybody they seem to cross. They look very cute. A big face when compared to their overall body size, especially their eyes! LOL.

Anyhoo… it was a sleepy saturday afternoon when I went to the bike stand to go out somewhere. Two guys were playing. One was aged 7 and the other was aged 12. They were moving very quickly between the bikes on the stand. I got curious when the older kid held a bike tightly with this hand, while the other one climbed on top to try and reach the asbestos roof. Perched atop the roof was one of the kittens.

Fearing that he may slip, I wanted him to come down & the following discussion ensued.

Me: Dai, keezha vizhundhuda pora. Erangu da. (Translates to, “Dude, you may fall down and get hurt. Climb down”).
Him: Illa anna. Naa andha poonaya pidikanum. (Translates to, “No brother. I want to catch the kitten”).
Me: Dai, adha yen da nondra? (Translates to, “Why mess with the kitten unnecessarily?”).

Saying this, he deftly placed his hand on one of the cracks on the asbestos roof and tried to pull the kitten down by its tail. But it got a bit wild and puts in head down to push him off. But that didn’t deter him. I was a bit afraid now. Here was a small guy who was standing on the edge of a bike & he may slip & break his jaws. But at any cost, he wanted the kitten down and be with him.

Me: Edhukku da unakku andha poonai ippo venum? (Translates to, “Why do you want that kitten now?”)
Him: Anna, na adhukku rendu naala saapadu pottu valathukuttu varen. Adhu konjam kooda nandri illama, mela yeri okandhirukku. Adhan erakka poren (Translates to, “Brother, I have fed it food for the last 2 days. But without showing any gratitude, it has climbed up beyond reach and sitting there. That’s why I’m going to bring it down now.”) ….

THAT ZAPPED ME! seriously! What the 7 year old spoke just now weren’t small words 🙂 Kids are powerful.

Kids Again

August 18th, 2006

Kids have this natural ability to be so innocent. Two kids came to my house yesterday. The elder one was a nine year old boy and the younger one was a three year old girl. The boy wanted to play spiderman on my computer. I loaded the game and he started playing. He became engrossed to the extent that he didn’t know what was happening around him. Sensing that he was missing, she came looking for him. Seeing the computer monitor, she shrieked SPIDERMAN!!, her tiny hands pointing to the monitor.

Immediately, she moved to the other side of the table and started moving the mouse away from him. She was also pressing the return key. He got irritated and told her that if she came to his left side, she would also play… Lol!! As she was slowly moving, he hid the working mouse, took a broken one nearby and placed it to his left side. Seeing another mouse, she was super excited and started moving it.

As much as he was playing and making the characters on screen move, she thought she was playing and made faces to the boy.. ha ha ha!! she was also pressing some keys too. She played like that for sometime. Then, it was time to move 🙂

Ah! Kids Again

April 16th, 2006

Two days ago, when i was parking my bike, there were some kids playing cricket nearby. An elderly man about 45 years of age, walked to them, grabbed their bat and asked them to bowl for him. Grumbling, they bowled 2 balls. That guy being a silly sadist, smiled and asked them to bowl more. This was getting interesting. After completion of an over, the children started whining. He started laughing and 1 of the children started crying at that. They were very small kids ok…

A larger one got really pissed off, took the ball and threatened to throw at his face if he didnt leave now. That guy started laughing so much that he picked up a small stone and threw on him. Ha ha ha !! The man was flabbergasted. How could such small children throw stones at him? He was shell shocked :D. By this time, a small crowd had formed and all were laughing at him for messing with the children :). The crying child stopped crying and they all resumed their game. Never again in his life will that man make a mistake with kids.

This reminds me of a similar incident that i encountered when i was in 4th standard. There was a small general store (maliga kada) very near to my house. I used to go there and buy butter biscuit for Rs.2, which will get me 8 biscuits. One such day, the shop keeper gave me only 7. I asked him whether he ate the other one and demanded him to give me the last biscuit. He refused to do so. I got so angry that i shouted the tamil word that starts with ‘p’ and ends with ‘l’ …he he he. He got pissed off and came with me to my house. Tell you what, i spat on him and ran inside.

Though i got some nice whacks after that, those sadists learnt the lesson. Never mess around with kids.


The Joy of Teaching Kids…

September 27th, 2005


Right next door to my house, there is a small guy doing his 5th grade. Since, we know him right when he was born, he used to be very free with our family. When i came from college yesterday, he immediately came running to my house, sat by my side & told me a very BIG secret !!!!!

Guess what it was??? His parents had bought him a brand new computer (pretty decent configuration) & he was excited about it because he could play “car race” (still NFS 2) & “bike race” (Roadrash). Other than this, what excited me was that he told me how to open “MS Paint” from the start menu & before that switching on the UPS, then pressing the blue button (boot button) near the small opening…… (floppy drive). All my tiredness completely vanished when i heard those words from a kid who had learnt all these just by watching the system assembler work at his home the previous day (quite amazing right?? atleast i think so).

So, without even changing, i went with him next door & asked him to show me a demo of creating a drawing because i didnt know how to do that. By seeing the interest he showed towards this, i thought i should teach him some more in MS Paint. Then i told him how to use brush, change some colours, save his work & reopen his work etc.

But, what really amazed him was, when the desktop background was changed & kept on asking me, to know how it was done. Since his dad had hidden the games from the start menu, he told me that the game was hidden somewhere in the computer & was pestering me to find it for him. As they had also listened to some songs the previous day, he asked how to do the same (he liked the Vijay starrer Ghilli very much). And do u know how he found it!!!!! He clicked on start, programs & instead on clicking on NFS2, he clicked Windows Media Player (a little unsteady with mouse). You should have seen the brighter than the sun smile on his face…..a sense of achievement began to envelope him & shouted Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! with so much ecstacy that bought his mom running from the kitchen :)).

Coming back home, i feel his quest to know more touched me deeply & rang a bell in my mind, that told me to be a MASTER of 1 trade & jack of others.

Right now, he is sitting besides me, tugging at my left hand, to show him how to open the white screen (notepad) so that he could type something & i keep smiling as i have a tough time finishing this blog…..