A Rainy Experience

October 30th, 2006

At a time when its raining so heavily these days…. at a time when our shirts and trousers take days to dry away…. and at a time when we even have to press our underwears with hot iron to dry them up… and also at a time when roads are water logged, one must necessarily be covered from head to toe with the best of raincoats so that you don’t get soaked up.

So what happened today was that I was ambling my bike slowly through the traffic at a signal. The place was flooded and I had to move beyond the stop line. The signal fell green… me being pissed off at the very little road space available, accelerated the bike to the full possible speed and ran whooosh!! over the water. People next to me were completely drenched. Most notable was a lady, riding pillion, who had no kind of raincoat on her. She got wet from top to bottom. Her husband got angry on me and what followed was a bike race he he he… !!!

The main problem during rainy seasons is that, water gets logged at some places and driving over them creates some nuisanse. But what if the water doesn’t recede from the center of the road? There is no other option but to drive over them. There is no point in shouting at the riders driving over the water. For that point, even I got drenched yesterday and since I was wearing a rain coat, I escaped 😉

Moral of the Story: Buy a raincoat during rainy seasons.


11 Responses to “A Rainy Experience”

  1. Ramesh RV Says:

    nalla karuthu macha, keep it up….

    karthu kanthasami aitaya???

  2. logic Says:

    hey treat da… you won the race right?

  3. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    ha ha ha… dai.. idhu romba over

    yup!! i won the race 😀

  4. Dhawal Bhanushali Says:

    hmm dude .. what if u are passing by the same road again see them .. gee 😀 … race again ..???

  5. Sriram Says:

    dei.. the actual moral of the story is don’t drive fast when it is raining or water logging on the roads..

    you jus turned it around to suit you… he he he..

  6. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    he he… i have gone thro the road twice since splashing.. im yet to see him again 😉

    ok.. there are 2 sides for every coin ;-).. i accept and i will follow it in the future.

    btw, when that lady’s husband is covered from head to toe, what happened to her?

  7. Krishnaa Says:

    litearally,the imagination of ur riding in such situations makes me ROTFL..i know how u wld ave driven that time..=))

  8. Mohammed Moyeen.A Says:

    dai…aswin who won the race…obviously u….

    poor lady macha…..

  9. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    Ofcourse.. u do know 🙂 u have seen my drive

    he he… i almost bursted out laughing seeing the condition of the lady; after which i felt for a minute that her office dress got ruined 🙂

  10. LApstrE Says:

    I did that on a cycle once….
    A long long time ago…


  11. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    Even i did it on my bike, not so long ago 😉