8+ hours of non-stop action including a bike accident and blood spilling all over, with people looking as if someone was dead. But …

One of the best moments was, when in the middle of a retake, a passerby stopped by me, bent down and said, “Guys, looks like he is hurt real bad. Someone take him to the hospital fast!”

All of them around me – The team – burst out laughing. The passerby didn’t understand anything. Immediately, I got up and we all laughed, scaring him off. He got irked a little; but we told him we were shooting a short film and that his reaction was priceless πŸ™‚

The Forgotten Commandments – The Plot

The story is about a guy who’s out meeting his friends. As he is about to leave, the gang tease him & tell him not to wear helmet. Meanwhile, on the other side of the same world, another person, who is a bit pissed off with her dad πŸ˜‰ starts driving as well. As fate intervenes, they collide head-on, which leads to the guy falling down and hitting his head on a sharp rock. By the time the crowd around him could react, it was too late. They didn’t realize that he was blinking his eyes and shaking his fingers. He was already on the way to heaven.

Director holding the reflector

Director holding the reflector

For everyone’s first time, I guess it has come out decently. Here’s the film for you to watch and comment upon πŸ™‚

[sniplet shortfilm]

The Crew

Cast – Myself, Vijayan, Surendran, Sam, Sethuraman, Harini, Ramasami and Subramanian

Direction – Edwin

Story, Screenplay and Camera – Prakash

Editing – Sriram

Equipment – Panasonic DMC FZ-28, 1 foot tripod, a bench πŸ™‚


Discussion during a short break

Discussion during a short break

Acting in the film was so much fun. When I heard that I was to act and that I was even dying in the movie, it felt great. Even Rajnikanth doesn’t get to die in movies but I did πŸ˜‰ . This movie will be special for a long time to come. Thanks a ton to Prakash and Edwin for their infinite amount of patience in getting us to act properly.

More films coming in the next few months. Stay tuned …