8+ hours of non-stop action including a bike accident and blood spilling all over, with people looking as if someone was dead. But …

One of the best moments was, when in the middle of a retake, a passerby stopped by me, bent down and said, “Guys, looks like he is hurt real bad. Someone take him to the hospital fast!”

All of them around me – The team – burst out laughing. The passerby didn’t understand anything. Immediately, I got up and we all laughed, scaring him off. He got irked a little; but we told him we were shooting a short film and that his reaction was priceless πŸ™‚

The Forgotten Commandments – The Plot

The story is about a guy who’s out meeting his friends. As he is about to leave, the gang tease him & tell him not to wear helmet. Meanwhile, on the other side of the same world, another person, who is a bit pissed off with her dad πŸ˜‰ starts driving as well. As fate intervenes, they collide head-on, which leads to the guy falling down and hitting his head on a sharp rock. By the time the crowd around him could react, it was too late. They didn’t realize that he was blinking his eyes and shaking his fingers. He was already on the way to heaven.

Director holding the reflector

Director holding the reflector

For everyone’s first time, I guess it has come out decently. Here’s the film for you to watch and comment upon πŸ™‚

[sniplet shortfilm]

The Crew

Cast – Myself, Vijayan, Surendran, Sam, Sethuraman, Harini, Ramasami and Subramanian

Direction – Edwin

Story, Screenplay and Camera – Prakash

Editing – Sriram

Equipment – Panasonic DMC FZ-28, 1 foot tripod, a bench πŸ™‚


Discussion during a short break

Discussion during a short break

Acting in the film was so much fun. When I heard that I was to act and that I was even dying in the movie, it felt great. Even Rajnikanth doesn’t get to die in movies but I did πŸ˜‰ . This movie will be special for a long time to come. Thanks a ton to Prakash and Edwin for their infinite amount of patience in getting us to act properly.

More films coming in the next few months. Stay tuned …

10 Responses to “My First Short Film – The Forgotten Commandments”

  1. Prakash Says:

    Thanks for your post Aswin… Of course patience is virtue. KUDOS to you buddy. You were all set to do a friend role but eventually into the boots of the protagonist. Your commitment is totally appreciated. You had no apprehension what-so-ever in lying down besides the road with all the road dirt sticking onto you and the blood(sorry… ink :D) all over your head, you were so inclined in giving your best.. thanks a lot!

  2. Sreenath H B Says:


    Great stuff. If its your first movie, its a great job. Kudos to the whole team. Loved the camera work and the editing.

    If you have more movies planned, do keep me in the loop.


  3. Surendran Says:


    Your participation on our movie was really good.

    Then one more thing your blog is too informative and much useful.
    I got some reference from this site for one of my project.
    I did not know that you are owning the site when we acted in the movie. Keep blogging!!!!

  4. VasanthaHanumanthaRao Says:


    Kudos to Prakash n his team-mates.Generally in our Indian movies the hero never dies. But remember one thing,in this short film the hero dies only at the last reminds one n all with the forgotten commendments and wins everybodies applause,but in the Tamil movie Nirkumizhi,(meaning-water-bubbles) which is the first movie of the Great Nagesh and Eyakkunar Sigaram KB, Nagesh dies just before the interval,after this movie just imagine the rise of Nagesh and everyoung KB!!!! This Nirkukizhi and this short film is more impressive and informative to me tnan the Rajini or Kamal’s or anybody!!Blessings and best wishes to u,prakash,harini and all others. I have shared this with my Twitter profile.

  5. Prakash Says:

    @VasanthaHanumanthaRao: Thanks a lot aunty πŸ™‚ we cannot override the fact of all your support.. not all parents encourage these activities by being sentimental about a film where in the protagonist meets with an accident..
    thank you for not being so…
    The prime thing that needs a special mention is the perseverance of all the members in team braving the hot sun in an open terrace and then on the road..! KUDOS πŸ™‚

  6. VasanthaHanumanthaRao Says:

    Hi Aswin n Prakash,See there is a saying,’well began is half done’, This is a good stepping stone for u peoples effort and good teamspirit and I always approve what (late) Mr.TSH RAO use to say End justifices the Means, so no room for silly setiments, so as i told in my previous comments i take the examples from the media only, even Rajinikanth dies in his very first movie’ApooravaRaagangal’ and brings an excellent end to the movie n the movie was a big hit,then only few people knew that it was Rajinikanth,so once again I congratulate all of you and i look forward for futher goodthings like this.Once again kudos for the man behind the camera for his perseverance and endurance, because he is the one who has to be patience throughout!!!

  7. Satish Says:

    You and Kamal share a birthday.. so acting wont be that hard for you! (A bit over-acting ofcourse, as usual πŸ˜‰


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  10. Vipin M Thekkedam (Kuttappan) Says:

    Good try Aswin. I didn’t expect you to act in it. Thought you will be doing DP. Is there any other attempt is going on.