Power of 140 Characters

December 12th, 2008

For the first time ever, twitter proved amazingly useful. It proved how useful, as a tool, it is for marketing purposes & connecting with customers. I was writing a simple blogging client to post to various blogs. I have never tried TypePad until now & visited their website to sign up to open an account. To my surprise their sign up required me to link a credit card with my account even for the 14 day trial, which put me off.

So, I logged in to twitter and posted this tweet. Within a few hours, Ms. Ginevra Whalen (I even had a doubt whether it was Mr. Whalen or Ms. Whalen and successfully addressed her as Mr. Whalen at first) responded & said that they would give me a free trial if I wasn’t up to anything nefarious 😀 . I was really so damn impressed and surprised to find that a company took my 140 characters seriously & emailed me.

Today morning, I got an invite code which gave me free trial for 30 days & signed up.

Thank you Twitter. Thank you Six Apart.

3 Responses to “Power of 140 Characters”

  1. Jass Says:

    Do post a review of Typepad! 🙂

  2. Aswin Anand Says:

    heheh! lets see 🙂

  3. ginevra - TypePad Community Manager Says:

    I’m glad it was well-received! and of course we’re all curious to hear your take on TypePad, although I think some of the best stuff is rolling out in the next 1-90 days….