March 24th, 2007

Yay! I got the Bachelor of Engineering yesterday. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr.Srinivasa Raghavan, Managing Director, Sundaram Finance Ltd. Yesterday was the absolute last day at college. Met all my friends with whom I had an awesome time, all the girls who were crushes etc. After the function was over, all the guys from our class gathered around for a get-together at the Besant Nagar beach after which we headed for a good dinner.

Apart from all this, there was one noteworthy incident that happened at the college yesterday. After we received the degree from the Chief Guest and made some customary snaps, myself and Moyeen were summoned by our college Director, Mr.Marie Wilson. I started a technical club at my college when I was in third year and got Moyeen and some more juniors to assist me in those activities. The club soon got popular with the students and we used to conduct technical sessions at regular intervals. We were sanctioned laptops for the technical sessions… we were given preference over the staffs for usage of the laptop :))

When he summoned us, he still remembered all that and enquired about when we were going to build our own company. I was bit surprised at that question being very direct and told him that we would start off very soon. He also told us that we can come to college anytime to use its resources for the persual of our “future” company. And yes, apart from the amazing encouragement from my parents and friends at college, a small incident happened during my 3rd year at college which triggered all the tech sessions, laptops, Microsoft Student Partner etc., just to prove a point.

Don’t know when I will ever get to meet all my classmates again. As one of them said, “Macha, if anybody marries in the near future, please inform all of us.” … Lol !!