I recently installed the Ice-cream sandwich flavour of the Ehndroix mod. After hours of scouring the web & bricking my phone multiple times in the process, ICS is up and running on my phone. I’m documenting the exact process here so that it will be useful for everyone.

This post applies only for Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT-I9001. These steps might not work on any other phone. Even, if you are on I9001 phone, proceed at your own risk. No one (including me & God) is responsible if anything happens to you or your phone 😉

Assuming you are running the stock Gingerbread Android OS, here are the steps:

  1. Get all the required software
  2. Enable development mode on your phone
  3. Backup all your existing data
  4. Root your phone
  5. Install ClockworkMod Recovery
  6. Reboot your phone in recovery mode
  7. Install Ehndroix
  8. Install S3 style pack
  9. Reboot your phone
Get all the required software
You will need the following:
  1. USB cable
  2. USB drivers – If you installed Samsung Kies on your computer, these drivers should be available automatically. Otherwise, download them from here.
  3. ADB with a simple recovery mode batch file. Download it from here.
  4. Files to Root and Unroot your phone – Root-I9001, Unroot-I9001.
  5. Clockworkmod Recovery Download from here.
  6. Download Odin, AriesVE, boot loader.
  7. Download your stock ROM or pick this.
  8. Download Ehndroix 12.9.30 from here. This mod is getting continuously updated. So if you feel adventurous, you can download a newer version.
  9. Download S3 style pack.

Backup all your existing data

Enable development mode on your phone. Go to Settings->Applications->Development->Enable USB Debugging.

I cannot emphasize enough of the importance of taking backups. Make sure you diligently backup everything. Crying later is of no use 😉

  1. Dump everything in your phone storage on your computer.
  2. Dump everything in your external SD card on your computer.
  3. Backup all apps. This app creates a nice list of existing apps on your phone, which you can use to reinstall apps from the Play Store. Download on your phone.
  4. Backup SMSes. Use this app.
  5. Backup call records. Use this app.
  6. Then backup anything else you may want to.

Root your phone

  1. Connect your phone to your computer via USB.
  2. Transfer Root-I9001 to the internal SD storage of your phone.
  3. There are 2 ways to reboot into recovery mode: a) Use the ADB recovery batch file downloaded above. b) Power off your phone. Then press Vol Up key and Power button together to enter into recovery mode.
  4. In recovery mode, you will see a small white box and the android icon in the center of the screen. When you see this, touch the menu soft key on your phone a few times. The icon will alternate between bright and dull. After pressing it a few times, leave the icon in the dull state. After this, the recovery menu will appear.
  5. Select, “Install update from the zip file”, then select the Root-I9001 zip file to install it.
  6. Reboot your phone.
  7. If your phone is rooted properly, the SuperUser app would be installed.

Install Clockworkmod Recovery

  1. Connect your phone to your computer via USB.
  2. Transfer the clockworkmod recovery zip file to the internal SD storage of your phone.
  3. Get into recovery mode and install clockworkmod recovery.

You could get into trouble here. Once you reboot and get into recovery mode again, the phone might be booting only in recovery mode. To overcome this:

  1. Make sure the USB cable is disconnected.
  2. Extract the AriesVE archive.
  3. Open Odin.
  4. In the “OPS” field, select the OPS file from the extracted AriesVE folder.
  5. In the “Boot” field, select the Boot_loader.tar file.
  6. Now, reboot your phone in “Download” mode. To do this, switch off the phone. Then press, Volume down button, center button and the power button together. It should enter download mode in no time.
  7. Then connect the USB cable.
  8. Odin should recognize the phone quickly.
  9. Click on the “Start” button in Odin.
  10. The boot loader should be repaired properly.

Transfer Ehndroix to the phone

  1. Connect your phone to your computer via USB.
  2. Transfer the Ehndroix mod and the S3 style pack to the internal SD card.
  3. Reboot the phone in recovery mode.
  4. You should be able to see the Clockworkmod Recovery instead of the stock recovery.

Note: At this point, if you happen to have a fresh micro-SD card with lots of space, consider backing up the entire system using the “backup and restore” option of Clockworkmod Recovery.

Install Ehndroix

  1. Reboot your phone in recovery mode (By now you should have become an expert at this 😉 ).
  2. Wipe data/factory reset.
  3. Wipe cache partition.
  4. Select “install zip from sdcard”.
  5. Select the Ehndroix zip file. Installation will proceed.
  6. Select “install zip from sdcard” again & pick the S3 style pack. That will also get installed.
  7. Now reboot the phone.
  8. The NitroX animation will show. After it ends, it will take between 3-10 minutes for the first time to boot.
  9. If it doesn’t boot by that time, remove the battery, put it back and switch on the phone.

Enjoy ICS 😀

What if the phone gets bricked?

If at any time in this process, your phone fails to boot properly or if you feel you have messed up royally, do this:

  1. Disconnect USB cable.
  2. Boot the phone in “download” mode.
  3. Open Odin.
  4. Select the AriesVE “OPS” file.
  5. Then check the “one package” option.
  6. Extract the stock ROM you downloaded. It will a [name].tar.md5 file.
  7. Click the “one package” button and pick the tar.md5 file.
  8. Connect the phone via USB. Odin will recognize the phone.
  9. Then click on “Start”.
  10. For me, this flashing process took about 5 minutes. It might vary for you.
Links to Read
Of the hundreds of links that I went through, these were the most useful.
  1. Announcement about Ehndroix on XDA Developers.
  2. Superb wiki on I9001 at XDA Developers.
  3. Rooting your I9001.
  4. How to unbrick your phone using Odin.
  5. How to make local backups of your Android data.
  6. Troubleshooting section of this post. Use it when your phone always boots into recovery mode.

Any questions? Leave comments.

Hope this post was useful to you.

8 Responses to “Step by step instructions to install Ehndroix mod on Samsung Galaxy S Plus (GT-I9001)”

  1. Moyeen Says:


    for backup use go backup pro… it has all in one app for sms,mms,contacts,call records, apps etc…



  2. Ignatius Says:

    Thanks for the procedure. BUt when i try to install i get message that Installation aborted.
    what could be the problem?

  3. Ignatius Says:

    I tried but when i install the rom its giving installation aborted and error no is 7.
    could you please help me with this?

  4. Aswin Anand Says:

    I didn’t face this error. So no clue about it.

  5. Ansh Says:

    S3 style pack link is broken, it leads to EHNDROIX SIII STYLE_GT-I9003.zip file option. . .please update the link ASAP, I’m stuck into the middle of the procedure…

  6. Aswin Anand Says:

    That link might have expired. You can try searching the Ehndroix thread on XDA Developers. It is not an absolute necessity. You can proceed installation without it.

  7. Ansh Says:

    I have already installed all files except the expected one, but there is no basics app like play store, explorer etc, so how can I search apps to installed on my phone, & how I can access the files without explorer . .?? Also calls are unable to make (every time a try to call on someone’s no. or someone try to call me, no. being told switched off in respected cases). . . can you tell me the solution of this problem. . .???

  8. qasimala Says:

    Hi. I’m trying to go into recovery. It shows me the box and then just restarts. Can u please help me? Thanks in advance