Moving Hosts

June 18th, 2009

Hey guys, I will be switching hosts today and in the time that the DNS propogates, you may experience a slight downtime. Kindly bear the same. Thanks.

One Response to “Moving Hosts”

  1. sree aurovindh Says:

    Aswin the web service for sending sms via Way2SMS that you have hosted in your website works correctly but when i put the same and run it on my browser (XAMPP Server with Mozilla) it shows “invalid login” Have you made some changes to sendsms.php or any other data.I would be so thankful if you could send me the “sendsms.php” file.Right now I downloaded the one that you have posted in your blog.However You have said that you have made some changes for it plz do let me know.Feel free to contact me :-sreeaurovindh AT gmail DOT com .

    Thanks and regards
    Sree Aurovindh
    Sun Certified Web Component Developer