May 3rd, 2008

In singara Chennai 🙂 dharboose (aka watermelon) is an amazing fruit that the whole city looks forward to in the month of March-April-May. So it was this one fine afternoon I was driving back home after roaming around the city for a lot of Govt. related tasks. Throat went absolutely dry. Front and back portions of the oesophagus looked as if they were going to stick to each other. Some more time outside … and I would have surely collapsed with hunger & thirst. That’s when we came across a nice stall on G.N.Chetty Road. If you go through G.N.Chetty Road, you will notice that outside the walls of the Ramakrishna Mission School ground, there is a huge fruit shop which sell the seasonal fruits. So, even if you don’t know what fruits are good for this season, a visit to this place will prove useful 😉

So there I was … hungry and thirsty. For 5 bucks, he cut across a huge slice from a big melon, its juice flowing out & its fine red flesh beckoning me to take a bite at it :D. As soon as the 1st piece went inside, it was an awesome feeling on the throat. I could feel the oesophagus expanding to accomodate the red juicy melon & contracting again. It felt amazing. The cooling effect that it caused enroute to the stomach was something superb that you have to experience with peace of mind. Otherwise, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will miss it. Followed by this, to wash out your semi-dry throat there can be nothing better than the good-old, healthy & natural ilaneer (aka tender coconut). Ilaneer is available at just about every place in the city during all seasons. So even if you are unable to feel and eat dharboose, try drinking ilaneer on a hot afternoon. Pick the one which has lot of ‘vazhukkai’. It will conveniently keep you away from the deadly combination of hunger & thirst surely for the next hour or two.

If you are thirsty on the road, instead of going for that bottle of Coke or Slice, go for ilaneer or for fruit juices. It’s good for health and at the same time, will quench your thirst.

2 Responses to “Dharboose”

  1. Sudar Says:

    When I was a kid, I use to buy a the piece of Watermelon for just Rs 1 a piece… now it is Rs 5 a piece.. 🙂 good old days…..

  2. Ponnarasi Says:

    Rejuvenating post 🙂