Sun Tech Days 2008

February 26th, 2008

Yay! so…. as the title of this post suggests, I’m moving to Hyderabad to attend Sun Tech Days. This is the 4th time I’m attending the event & I must say that it is a perfectly managed event with great sessions and hands-on-labs. There are some interesting labs this time; notably the ones on Java ME.

That aside, from the agenda, the sessions do not look as great as they were last time. But we actually do not know until we attend them. I’m planning to attend the ones on netbeans, mobility and a few SOA related stuff. Get the agenda here. If wifi is available at the venue, I will try to live blog the event here using my brand new device 😀

The event is happening tomorrow morning at 9am. For more details, check out this link. If you are coming, do drop by and say a hi 🙂

4 Responses to “Sun Tech Days 2008”

  1. thepsychologic Says:

    And this is the second time they are holding it in hyd.

  2. Aswin Anand Says:

    Yeah! but the place in Hyd is awesome da.

  3. Saurabh Jain Says:

    You bought an E51!
    Coool ! 🙂

    I got myself one too – about a month ago.
    I guess great minds think alike 🙂

    Happy E51-ing …
    There are a million things you can do with this thing (and a very few which you cannot)


  4. Aswin Anand Says:

    Great minds 😀 ofcourse ofcourse heheh!

    It’s an amazing device man. Especially, ever since my home got wifi’d, things couldn’t get more comfortable 😉