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January 21st, 2008

Hey friends, lots of people have been asking me why I have two separate blogs (tech and non-tech), while I could have them both in the same place. I would like to answer that in 2 ways:

  1. Both the blogs are in the same place. All the posts in the proper order can be viewed at
  2. Subdomains such as and exist for backward compatibility.

Long back, when I started blogging, while many readers enjoyed reading my blog, some of them didn’t like the tech content in between. Hence, I moved the tech content to another blog. Finally, when blogger for domains came in, my tech and non-tech blogs became available at the links mentioned above. Hence, for those users who had subscribed to this blog, I didn’t want them to lose out.

So, the actual blog url is and the tech and non-tech blog show contents from the space, just separated by tags. This, along with the magic of htaccess and 1 php file, many things can be changed so that the permalinks will be available in a better fashion. Moreover, when I want to do a post in both the tech and non-tech blogs (like this one), I can just add the 2 tags to this post and they are available in both the blogs. Change the post once and the change is visible in both the blogs (if you visit them separately). Configuring a mobile client for the same is very easy and all this can be done in a single space 😀

When this blog pings certain links after an update is made (like technorati etc.), the blog url goes as and not or Therefore, when someone is redirected by search engine results, they will just visit the full blog and not the other ones 😉 How’s that?

When template is changed, the change is visible all throughout 🙂 and looks very uniform. So…. that’s the reason for both the blogs being “virtually separate” hehe…

2 Responses to “Blog Subdomains”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Did you know that you are an asshole?

    Just a geek asshole and nothing else who thinks world is in your computer.

    Your Jokes are poor, your posts are childish.
    Better delete this blog and save cyberspace of some space

  2. Aswin Anand Says:

    Dear anonymous asshole, find something better to do rather than bitching about me!