Well.. broadband connection has been down for almost 5 days. This blog post is coming up on a boring dialup connection. Now I know why mobile internet cannot come anywhere close to a desktop computer with broadband. But despite the connectionless days, the 5 days have been happier because I have had a few realizations.

On day-2 of the internetless day, I got up as usual & turned on gmail.com to check for any new mails. I had completely forgotten the fact that net has been down. After hitting on the fact that net was really down… I was wondering on how to spend the next 2 to 3 hours usefully. Incidentally, one of my friends had sent me an computer algorithms book a few days back. So, I’m back to a nice revision of the basics along with brushing up of the awesome ruby on rails framework.

Second thing is that, I have started developing a purely non-computer related skill. This has been on the cards for a sufficiently long time and the interest in it had not died down a single bit. I’m quite pleased to have started it whole-heartedly (along with a guide ofcourse 🙂 ). Now, a few minutes (read 30 to 45) in the morning will be spent for this. More details on the new skill later.

Third thing is that, I visited HigginBothams book store on Sunday & found a superb book titled “Secrets of the world’s inspirational women” by Zerbanoo Gifford. While browsing the book, I came across a line that said, “Professional success is excellent. But when it starts taking a toll on your life, then success becomes a failure”. That is awesome 😀 isn’t it? That single line conveys a lot of things.

That’s about it for now… will be back soon.

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