Deepavali Shopping

November 4th, 2007

Man! seriously I say… you have to be in T.Nagar to feel the pulse of shopping extravaganza that the area offers. There are about 4 fly-overs being built in the area meaning which, everything roaming around will have to share the small place called “road” which is full of dark slush, created by the few hours of rain today morning. But nothing seems to dampen the spirit of shopping :D. From smallest 1 month old baby to the oldest grannies, everybody is simply thrilled to shop in T.Nagar at this time of the year. There are ofcourse special traffic regulations around this area; but this time nothing much could be done to control the crowd!

Half of the crowd will be in Saravana Stores and other half will be roaming the other zillion shops, while a few others will try and dance in front of irate bus drivers who try to drive as fast as possible out of T.Nagar. So after a futile attempt to shop at Saravana Stores, we headed to RmKV to buy new clothes for Deepavali :D. We shopped at this place for about 3 hours. Just for the fear getting lost among the crowd, we brought all our clothes here he he he… and headed home.

My mom is an amazing cook. Within a few minutes after we reached home, she cooked a superb meal for us :D. It ended with vanilla ice-cream. What a way to spend the evening! I enjoyed every minute of it 🙂

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