Cycling to Work!

November 18th, 2007

Oh yes! Starting from around 2nd week of December, I will be cycling to work ;-). Most probably, I may be the first one in my office to go by cycle. But I do not know as of now. I’m pushing this to 3 weeks down the line for 2 reasons… 1) last day of month = salary day 😀 and 2) giving myself enough time to let this idea sink in.

So, after I start cycling to office & if things go as planned, I should be cycling around 25 – 26 kilometres … which I believe is pretty cool for starters. This is one of the biggest advantages of having an office within city limits. You can move between places with a breeze and at a max, 2 places are just 10km apart within the city. Hence, when I want to go out from office for something & when it requires me to get the bike, I will cycle to home, get the bike & whizzzzzzz off 🙂

Even from the health perspective, it will help. For the most part, it will prevent backpain and it will exercise your legs; which means, getting a pot belly is very very difficult.

What do you say?? Suggestions please…

7 Responses to “Cycling to Work!”

  1. Sudar Muthu Says:

    That’s really cool. Nice way to be relaxed and at the same time burn down some callories.

    Just a word of caution. Be sure to take all the necessary security measures. Roads in Chennai are not that much safer for cycling.

    PS: Even I would like to do it, but it is not feasible to cycle around 100 kms a day. 🙁

  2. subbu Says:

    Hey 25 kms is too much for a starter.That too with your physique 😉

    And BTW this is Subramanian of MNM…if you remember me.

  3. Dhawal Says:


    Trust me its a very good idea. However you must be careful of the following.

    1) You must not look weak/tired/boring when u reach the office.
    2) Get yourself some good protection and carry some energy drinks.

    [I know you are not participating in a
    marathon race but atleast you must be refreshed before you reach the office].


    What inspired you to take this decision ..??

    TC !!!!!

  4. Dhawal Says:

    Hey da… Great idea …. You shall save a lot of fuel and help cope up with pollution. However from what my friends suggested here these are the things that u must take care of …

    1) BE FRESH AFTER YOU REACH YOUR OFFICE .. dont look like the whole world had collapsed and you narrowly escaped.
    2) Dont be late to the office.
    3) Wear proper protection such as bicycle helmet.
    4) Drink some fresh juice/milk after the trip in the beginning.
    5) Inspire other people 😉 …
    6) After straining yourself so much you always feel very huingry so eat full meals…
    7) Chant my name 100 times everyday in the morning before waking up and after sleepingin the night !!!!..

    You Rock dude …


  5. Aswin Anand Says:

    @sudar: Yep man.. one of the biggest advantages of having an office in the city 😉

    @subbu: Ofcourse I remember you 🙂

    @dhaval: Inspiration is very simple. Office is in the city. Driving to office takes only a max of 30 minutes :).

  6. Sathya Says:

    WTF, are you crazy?

  7. Aswin Anand Says:

    @Sathya: Well, not really 🙂 but the budget was spent on a new E51.