Yesterday was yet another sunday spent usefully :D. We met at Kiruba‘s wife’s office to get our hands dirty on video blogging. And hey, it’s an amazing platform once you learn the basic nuts and bolts.

Team A’s Video.

What did we do?
Well, we split ourselves into teams of 3 and 6 teams in all. There were about 6 digital cameras that could record video. One team went out into the open to shoot their video. Another team started from the bottom of the staircase and headed up, doing the “Walk the Stair” show. This something-exciting-so-I-have-to-try-it feeling is not new to me. We decided our team will do the video at the terrace. We went up, shot the video, did “Walk the Terrace” and finally recorded for about 2 minutes.

Then we all came back and imported all the videos to PowerDirector. One team found out that their digicam didn’t have the capability to record voice. All of us sneered at them and ultimately, their video was the best, because it had a youtube director in it πŸ˜‰ They dubbed the audio. Excited to the core, we imported our’s soon and set about editing it. Found that instead of focussing on ourselves, we had shot all the banians and jettis hung for drying up under the sun. Nevertheless, it was fun because this was our first hand experience. We reduced the size of the video from 60 mb to 16 mb to finally 6 mb.

Two teams came up with proper videos. One is uploaded to YouTube. It came out very well and had that professional touch. Another video was an interview type one. I do not know whether it’s been uploaded. Will let you know on that.

After this, we had a small session on podcasting. The technology is same. All we need to know is, how to combine two or more items to produce a third useful one. Look at the blog.

Softwares/Hardwares Used:
We used PowerDirector, vlog it, snag it, audacity, windows movie maker and hardwares such as a digital camera capable of recording videos or handy-cam and microphone. Install required drivers from the cd/dvd given by the manufacturer.

Happy video blogging, podcasting πŸ™‚

3 Responses to “Vlogger Tinker Meetup was AMAZING!!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Man, that’s awesome!. And, the block seems to have been lifted, atleast in my area….

    I too had access to a Video Cam for about 5 days, and when nobody was at my home, I managed to get a video of my ugly unlookable face doing an autovideography of me, but then I just discovered that that cam didn’t have audio. And, it got sooo tortured by my face that it actually lost all color information, thus saving it from the disgrace of having to shoot my face:P

    Anyway, you’re livin an envious life dude:D

  2. Yuvi Panda Says:

    Hey, how come that’s anonymous ? I used my blogger account…. Anyway, the previous comment was me

  3. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    lol.. it happens dude. Your life will be better than mine and I wish that πŸ˜€