The situation is pretty simple. Three people entered the Prime Minister’s residence at about 8.45 PM tonight without any documents or appointment what-so-ever. They were until gate 2 and were then turned back. A pretty serious issue in terms of the security concerned.

Now is a ripe time to blame the media. NDTV reports that their reporters had chased down the car to get an interview of the breachers. I had been seeing the news channel for about 45 minutes now and every 5 minutes, the interview is being played. Watching it was funny though. And showing the interview for every 5 minutes was like castrating those 3 young people who came upto the reception.

According to me, the 3 people are not to be blamed. As far as I saw, the media never interviewed any security personnel who let the car in. Leave off the interview, they never even showed us their god damned face. This shows clearly that the media is perfect in character assasination. They never told why the security personnel let them in. Interviewing the 3 people is only part of the story. They should have interviewed the security personnel too. More so, the security personnel should be punished for letting in a car without checking.

This security lapse clearly shows the reason behind the attack on the Indian Parliament.

3 Responses to “Security Breach at PMs House”

  1. Sagaro Says:

    I completely agree. Instead of detaining them and arresting them, the security who let them in should be introgated.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hi, how is life….. Life boring here…. no urupudiyana work here…. Put up in maint project in banking…..

    When and where u r reporting? regards to mom and wishes to brother.

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  3. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:


    lol… life is fine da.. no probs. Mom and bro are fine too. Didn’t get any info regarding the other details. Hoping to get them soon.