That Power Cut !!

June 4th, 2006

Shit!! the power cut yesterday night threw me off-track so much that I was sulking for a while ;-). Ok… the point is, I was doing the following things.

1. Trying out AT commands on my k300i mobile phone.
2. Installing Open Solaris 10 on vmware.
3. Reading Joel on Software.
4. etc. etc.

All those things hung up when the UPS started blaring the warning signal. This is one of the moments I strongly felt the need for a laptop.

2 Responses to “That Power Cut !!”

  1. LApstrE Says:

    You dunt need a new laptop, All u need is a good UPS

  2. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    dats true 🙂 a good UPS with a 3 hour backup is next on the list