Yippppppeeeeeeee!!! finally, my K300i synchronises with the PC and I even deployed this silly application on the beauty 😀

Will be back soon with the exact details of how it is done. Thank You!!

8 Responses to “Sony Ericsson K300i Synchronisation with PC”

  1. Yuvi Panda Says:

    Cool dude!:D Where’s the Screencast ?

  2. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    Due to lack of mike, have to record it on another phone 😉 and then transfer it to my mobile 🙂

  3. Yuvi Panda Says:

    hehe:D Dude, buy a new Mic for some 0.1K : I guess that’ll be good enough:D

  4. Yuvi Panda Says:

    Dude, One Hour Long Over:D

  5. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    The thought of day-after-tomorrow’s exam puts everything on hold 🙂

    Most probably, will be doing it after dinner tonight 😀

  6. Yuvi Panda Says:

    hehe, just joking and poking:D

    [Lots of Comments = Worthless Guy with nothing to do:D]

  7. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    lol.. understood 😉

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Man,
    I am the happy owner of a Sony Ericsson k300i and i have been searching the web for days looking for the settings to sync my phone to the pc. Aswin Anand T.H. i am begging you to please please please please please please post or email me the settings to sync my phone to the pc. my email address is oooomega@hotmail.com.
    thanks in advance,
    Greto Verno