Happpppyyy Deepavaliiiiiii !!!

November 1st, 2005

hi!! dudes n duddetes,

I’m very happy today. the reason?? deepavali was excellent and this special deepavali will be in the archives for many many years to come.

During this deepavali, i met some of my school friends who were with me during the good as well as the bad times, extending their warmth when i needed the most. I visited most of their houses & believe me…..i didnt have lunch yesterday, because to all the houses we went, we were served with delicious delicacies that include gulab jamun, ribbon bakkoda, om podi etc. Ofcourse we gulped everything 😉 & what made them special was that every piece was home-made.

Back in the evening, we all met again at my place. This time, all of the things we did in the evening was shot in my friend’s handycam. We then burst a little crackers, ate a lot of sweets again & shot some more…..

On the whole, this deepavali was just great, not because of crackers or the new dress or anything else. It was just about friendship. By the end of the day, i wished no end to this day…..but all things must come to an end.

I know very well that this writing may not express so much i feel, but the feeling of the bond was excellent. If u are reading this blog & if you had experienced something similar in your life, kindly share it…….

Awaiting next deepavali…….bye!!~~

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