Updating my blog…..

October 20th, 2005


With my dataone broadband connection wrecking havoc all around, i found it too difficult to cope up with dialup :-(. But something is better than nothing ;), so i was sticking around with it & thought of some things that i had not done for the past 1 week or so.

After broadband, checking mail was part of my routine – morning once, evening once & night once, like breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now checking mail using dialup even once is becoming a nightmare. Second one was updating my blog. I was horrified by the thought that i hadnt updated it since the last 2 weeks. Third one is even worse, didnt read more than 3 dozen of offline messages that i receive. boooohoooo!!

Its sickening in dialup to see a google search webpage load at the “speed of light” for 2 minutes at 563 bytes/second. The speed also varies from 563 bytes to a blinding speed of 1.5 kbps. As far as downloads, 1 mb downloading for 5 mins 30 secs tears my nerves apart.

So, all i do is put a webpage for loading in the browser and go for a cup of coffee or choclate & come back to see to my heart-felt satisfaction, the webpage has half-loaded……..as i press ESC in frustration.

And as expected, this page too is still loading, as the rest of the posts contemplate whether to appear or not…

bye!!~~ anyone reading this post, plz wish me good luck. Thanks in advance.

4 Responses to “Updating my blog…..”

  1. Sudar Says:

    Hi Ashwin
    What happened to your BSNL Data one connection? Any problem with the billing? or you have surrendered it? There is nothing more badly than trying to use dialup after using broadband for a couple of months

  2. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    Hi Sudar,

    One fine evening about 3 weeks back, the modem got connected & i couldnt access any website. This was an usual phenomenon, which occurs for a max of 10 mins. That night i tried, the next morning i tried but in vain.

    So i registered a complaint & waited & waited till the last straw. Finally, after 3 weeks of battling & zillion calls to the bsnl office, the internet is working today. phew!!

    Anyways, Thanks for the concern 🙂

  3. Sudar Says:

    Glad to know that it’s working finally and welcome to the world of broadband once again
    Was the problem with the modem or with the connection?

  4. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    hmm…the problem was with the telephone exchange. At 1 point, it even said there is no user in my login name at all!!!

    By God, its working fine now & hopefully it should remain that way… 🙂