Shopping in rain

October 28th, 2005


Shopping in rain is a great experience, especially when all routes from ashok nagar to tnagar is flooded. Just on the spur of the moment myself and 1 of my friends decided to go shopping for deepavali because of 2 reasons.

1. TNagar wouldn’t be crowded today.
2. We can go splash..splash.. in rain water all the way to tnagar.

Nothing to stop us, we made our way to the shopping hub of chennai. As expected, there was nothing in sight expect some 2 or 3 autorichshaws & some die-hard shoppers who were in the same mind set as me ;-). In most places, we waded & literally swam across in knee deep water. The rain had started coming down heavily, thankfully i was covered….

Going thro’ the waters, the fastest mode of transport was the newspaperwalla tricycle and walking. After enjoying for more than an hours walk, we reached a place called duraisamy subway, the main link between Tnagar and the western side of the city. The subway was 95% submerged in H2O…..

Gosh!!! what a site it was to see a diesel auto half submerged in the subway. Water had already started to seep in thro’ the door & the driver was struggling. But anyway, we had to move. So we took a snap of that in my friend’s mobile & left for Tnagar. It was 5 minutes away & we were beginning to sense victory because the Pothys logo was visible. After another 15 mins of wading, we managed to reach Mount Everest (Tnagar)…

After shopping in Pothys, RmKV & Saravana Stores, we started heading back. Having tea & some hot bajjis, we saw yet another incident at the same subway. This time it was a van. Despite all the warnings of not to enter the subway, he entered the subway in full speed. He also reached the middle of it & the van stopped all of a sudden & didnt start. Watching all that, we smiled to ourselves thinking how much of a chennaite he was, “Born to break rules” even though it meant good to him.

The water that was knee deep had another grown another 10cm in the 3 hrs we shopped & started wetting my pants through the rain coat. We bundled all our clothes in 2 huge bags that we got from the shop & started floating the bags. What was the need to carry it when we were finding it difficult even to walk comfortably?? Splashing ofcourse was fun. 🙂

Another hour later, we reached home & received a sound thrashing…..yea, both of us :)). With a cup of piping hot chocolate, we narrated all our shopping experience. The 5th grade guy i told about here burst out laughing when i told him how a wave of water splashed on us when a jeep was trying to make it across the road.

On the whole, the shopping we did was something that i cant forget. This is the first time ever in my lifetime, i had shopped sooooo comfortably, dat too in Tnagar. Just for the sake, we went to Tnagar again today & my gracious God!! look at the crowd outside Saravana Stores. You would go mad just at the site of it.

Signing off now!! bye!!~~

3 Responses to “Shopping in rain”

  1. Known Stranger Says:

    did you do the shopping on thursday.. I did at chennai silks with the water at thorasami bridge drowing me…it is sure an interesting..aand anand.. i dont know whether mine is of poem category.,.. i just scribble. by the by what you do?

  2. Known Stranger Says:

    oh ! which college you do handsome ?. Oh do you think they are like kiss. Mine are shocking and surviving. ha ha ha a.. just kidding. I am in chennai working with bluestar. I would be senior to you by 5 years. Which college you doing ?

  3. Known Stranger Says:

    hey buddy.. do let me know the other bloggers of chennai if you are in a group or with some youth young minded people.