Ilaiyaraja’s Thiruvasagam

September 9th, 2005

hi!! friends, heard Thiruvasagam? For those of u who dont know wat it is, it is a set of hyms or poems written on Lord Shiva by Thiruvasagar.

For the mortals, the great work by the poet is remade in such a way so that, it reaches the common man. There was a program on sun tv abt this where Ilaiyaraja was giving interview. The question was, “Sir, you very well know that the meaning of the words in the work are difficult to understand. How do u expect it to reach the common man?” The answer was, “The feeling u get wen u listen is what that is more important then understanding the words, which induces change in u (+ve change)“.

As an example, he recited the words in the poem (which had no effect ofcourse) & then he sang it in a particular way, which had some effect on me (couldnt really explain dat, u have 2 feel it). Whether u r Ilaiyaraja’s fan or not, u must listen to the 1st song. It starts like this

Poovar senni mannan empuyangap peruman siriyomai ………..

It was done with Budapest Symphony Orchestra (120 singers), conducted by Laszlo Kovacs & sung by Ilaiyaraja, Bhavatharini etc. A must listen for music lovers around the world. Without doubt, its 1 of the greatest creations!!!

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