Hmm… I’m depressed!! Here’s why.

After working for about 2 continuous hours, you get up to get some water from the water dispenser. Things get interesting after this. Apparently, one of my friends also comes and want to get some water. Due to sore throat, that person (referred as ‘XYZ’ hereafter) wants hot water. Unfortunately, the water dispenser is not connected to the plug point. Thoroughly astonished, XYZ picks up the wire and tries to connect it to a wall-mounted LAN socket point, which has 3 points similar to a plug-point so that 3 computers can be wired for LAN access.

XYZ tried to follow “Try and try till you succeed” and ultimately called me and told that the plug couldn’t be connected, all the while pointing to the LAN socket. I was ROTFL and got pushed to the level of becoming a crack! heheh! when one of my another friends came at the right time and saved me.

XYZ is a so-called computer engineer 🙂 and as I had guessed correctly, XYZ is an Anna University student. Stay tuned for more such adventures.

Hail! the university… Hail! XYZ…