Kalari and Ankle Sprain

May 24th, 2009

It’s been about 8 months now & I’m still going to Kalari class regularly 😀 … Do you know how good it feels when you are doing something consistently and that your body is in pristine condition? 😉 No amount of blogging/reading will get the point across. You can only experience it by doing. So, just bend your head downwards & if you feel guilty at the huge lorry tyre around your tummy, you know what to do. Start exercising for 5 minutes a day and you will see magical results. You may also want to try out Steve’s 30 day trial method. It helps!

So, coming back to topic … during the usual practice sessions we usually do plenty of stuff that involves heavy punching, kicking, diving (am less than an amateur in this) etc. On one such occassion two weeks ago, we were practicing a fighting routine with the help of a lathi. As part of the routine, the taller fighter throws the other one over the head. Since we are just learning, we make sure the diver lands safely. When we do dives, we take the help of our master.

But, on that day, something else took over and I wanted to dive without the help of the master. So, when the tall guy picked me over his head and brought me down, I was slightly happy when I was in mid air, thinking that the landing would be nothing short of awesome! Landing I did .. but it was just the opposite of awesome. Instead of landing flat, both my feet hit the ground vertically. Since the foot is taking the whole body weight, it buckled under pressure and gave a CRACK! sound. Thankfully that was a twig. But both ankles got sprained badly enough that I couldn’t get up.

Immediately one of the guys who has been learning Kalari for 3 years, came for help and did some techniques on my left feet. That released the pain but the strain was there. Same thing to the right leg too. Happily we continued the class. After getting home, it started. Searing pain through both my feet (left foot was slightly tolerable). There was no swelling but the pain was intense. I couldn’t even touch my leg. Then one of my physiotherapist friends came home and treated it back to perfection. I could walk again that day!

That’s how my ankle looked like.

Phew! But I must say it was a worthy experience 😀 Absolutely loved it.

This one could save you lot of time 🙂 In short, the answer is to “return false;”. That’s it. If you want to know more details, read ahead.

Say, you have an awesome page where you want to disable right click and also disable Ctrl+C (copy), Ctrl+S (save page). The process is simple. Just register an event for right click and when the event fires, just return false. Since false is being returned, the browser will cancel the event.

Same goes with keyboard. ‘onkeypress’ event is fired whenever a key is pressed. To reject any key, just capture that event and return false. If you want to do anything special, just do it before returning false. Ctrl+S is interesting. In most web browsers (notably google chrome), it brings up the default Save Dialog. Most web apps have keyboard shortcuts these days & oh! 99% of them don’t return false, only to find the user experience irritating when the save dialog pops up; when something else should occur. Hence, if you wish to customize the functionality of the default browser specific keyboard shortcuts, do the following:

  1. Create an event handler and capture the event.
  2. Do something.
  3. “return false;”

That’s all. Have fun!

Hot Bajji and Philosophy

May 11th, 2009

Few days ago, myself and few of my friends met in Besant Nagar beach. After talking for sometime, we headed to a bajji shop on the beach. There’s nothing to beat the combination of hot bajji with a fiery chutney and cool sea breeze. It was around 9.30 PM. Not many people were around. The lady of the bajji stall served us and went about stacking the chairs so that they could be packed for the day.

As were eating, someone stumbled about 6 feet away from us, near the bajji stall. He appeared to be a middle aged man, with a long thick beard, dusty shirt and a torn lungi … carrying a ragged bag. Some dogs started barking from the distance. He was a rag picker. As he stumbled, he almost fainted. No one noticed it until now, except us. As we got up to see what he was up to, he slowly ambled to a bowl which had water. He held the bowl with this hands, bent down and licked water from it. I had a lump in my throat when I saw that.

By now, the dogs had come near. Hearing the commotion, the bajji stall lady came near and shooed him away, giving him some water packets. All along this episode, he had been mumbling “pasi … thanni … pasi … thanni”; roughly meaning, “I’m hungry. Please give some water.”

Then it dawned upon me. He almost died that day or at least fainted. What prevented him? Is it the will to survive or is it the fear of death? But whatever it is, it remainded me that everybody is born on this planet to fulfill a purpose and we need to find what that purpose is!

Here’s the trick below to open multiple gmail accounts with the same version of firefox.

  1. Open the Run dialog. In linux, press Alt+F2. On Windows, press WinKey+R.
  2. In the dialog box, type “firefox -p -no-remote”. This will bring up firefox’s profiles dialog box.
  3. Click on “Create Profile” and follow the wizard. Lets assume you named the profile as “gmail2“.
  4. Now close the dialogs and return to desktop.

Now, open the Run dialog again. In the dialog box, type “firefox -p gmail2 -no-remote“.

“-no-remote” option is very important because it creates an isolated session that is different from the currently open firefox windows of other profiles. If -no-remote option is not given, then a new window of the currently running profile or the default profile is opened, where session sharing happens (which we don’t want).

Now, since sessions aren’t shared between different profiles, you can open two accounts and happily have them.

Suggested Improvement for Firefox:

Internet Explorer 8 has this amazing option in the File menu where you can open a completely new session of IE. Sessions are completly isolated and gives lot of relief. Its available at File->New Session. Hope this feature is brought into Firefox as well. Or if this feature is already available as a plugin, please let me know in the comments. Actually speaking, this feature was available in IE since IE 6 (AFAIK). In IE6/7, you can open a completely new session by clicking the IE icon on the desktop.