Soooperabbu !!!

March 21st, 2006

Hey friends!! last sunday and monday (yesterday n day before yesterday) was so good as usual. 2006 proved to be a great year for me yet again. I became a member of the barcamp organisers group and was called in for a meeting with Kiruba and his barcamp friends. It was too good to be a part of the planning for a big informal tech event. All of them were damn cool and everything (atleast most of it) was discussed openly. Its there on the wiki too. If you are interested to join us, subscribe yourself to the organize_barcamp google group and be a part.

We are also looking for sponsors for the event. If you know anyone, kindly email me at “aswin [dot] barcamp [at] gmail [dot] com“, or if you like to take up some other activity, don’t hesitate to drop a mail.

Yesterday was really cool as 6 of us (Bala, Chitresh, Krishnaa, Prathul, Siva and myself) went to St.Josephs Engg. College in Chennai for giving introductory sessions on .net. Bala started with showing the demo of codeless tabbed notepad and then proceeded to discuss about language independency of .net. Krishnaa showed off the new features of Office 2007. Though its still in beta and a bit buggy, its a phenomenal improvement. You have to see to believe all sorts of things that are possible in Office 2007. See a video here.

After the awesome lunch, we continued with Siva doing ASP.NET. He developed a full fledged codeless website, in which different types of users can login and based on the permissions per user, certain pages will be shown and others are inaccessible. My session was on Web Services and how one can develop a web service using C# and consume it in java using Netbeans. More details about it on my tech blog.

St.Josephs college has a nice auditorium and everything required was made available for us. Things went perfectly on schedule and we wrapped with the usual quiz (Prathul and Chitresh were the quiz masters 😉 ), giving Visual Studio Express cds. Thanks to Saurabh, Aswin R (3rd year IT) of St.Josephs and their team who organised this small event.

8 Responses to “Soooperabbu !!!”

  1. Krishnaa Says:

    Gr8 to hear u ave joined as organisers for barcamp.
    It was really a gr8 event we did at St.Joseph. Thnx to the St.joseph guys, Ashwin and Saurabh especially who helped oraganise this event.

    And the Office Video link u ave posted up there is for Office12 man. Now it is 2007 Microsoft Office System. No video is up for it. You compare 12 with 2007. Its really super cool.

  2. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    This video is a old video…I guess it is Office 12 Beta 1.. not sure

    That video shows off some damn cool features dat v talked abt in the college 🙂

  3. Kar Says:

    hi aswin..nice to see u involve urself in huge events.congrats from my side..and i hope ur enthusiasm and ur technical expertise will reap excellent accolades in future..wishin u luck..

  4. Prathul Says:

    That was my first experience as a student partner. Long way to go. We all had a very good time there. The facilities provided for the event by the college was too good. Thanks to the efforts of Ashwin and Saurabh (St.Joseph). Hope to do such events soooooooon.

  5. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    thanks da 🙂

    There will be lots of such things happening da. Make sure u keep track of all of them. It is great to c u juniors enthusiastic about the community 😀

  6. Prakash Says:

    hi da

    wats this da bloody fella…….
    who in the world wud understand superabbu……
    except the tamilians that too coll guys like us………
    change man…
    be a global fellow like microsoft….
    i think i shudn’t mention it there as u r a student champ..
    hmmmm………..yet to reform man….

  7. Sriram Says:


    nowadays u r taking part in many events…keep it up. i’ll join u whenever time permits.

    bye. 😉

    (sorry guys had to delete the previous comment due to some typos)

  8. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    in blogosphre, every Indian blogger knows a bit of other Indian languages 😉

    sure da…most welcome 🙂