February 20th, 2006

ha ha! Tell you what, this “hi” thing during every chat got very boring for RSA (Ram, Supratik, myself) that we devised something else. Infact Ram came up with this idea and got the majority of votes 😉

The idea was that we start our conversation with “bye” and continue working backwards thro’ the chat session. It is exciting to watch people’s reaction when we say bye at the beginning of a chat conference, and we 3 burst out laughing. Here is a chat excerpt…

A: Bye humans…
R: Good night aliens 😉
S: bye, ha ha ha
After some time, Supz gets tired and says..
S: ok ppl, im “hi”ing now
A: ok..hi
R: good morning 😀

Ok, im feeling sleepy now…bye! (this is the real bye, he he)…

3 Responses to “Bye…”

  1. Sabarish Says:




    Nice post!


  2. unknown Says:

    vara vara ellathalayum survey edukka arambichitta..nadathu nadathu…
    how was the tour?
    Waiting for the post….

  3. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    thanks 😀

    will post it soon 😉