BEA User Group Meeting

September 17th, 2005

hi!! i attended the BEA user group meeting at Taj Connemara & this is the first session BEA is having in chennai. Its having plans of starting the same in other metros (its started in mumbai i think, not sure) & pune too.

The topic that was covered in that session was on their “Diablo” (WebLogic Server 9.0) & BEA AquaLogic. Aqualogic is 1 platform for integrating systems of diff. architectures & enabling communication between them. It is more architecture oriented. & b4 going into that there was an hr session on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). If you dont know what SOA is, it is the next wave of the future & to ride on it, read the June 2005 magz of Developer IQ. There r very good articles on SOA, more importantly Web Services.

In brief, SOA talks about exposing ur application or ur code as a service. This means that, the methods you write for ur app can be called from any OS, any language & also it is available anywhere, anytime. Therefore, you first need to publish your code or class (enabling the service) & make it available to the world (discover) by registering at any of the registries available E.g. UDDI (Universal Description Discovery Integration).

And obviously we were given a DVD containing the WebLogic Platform 8.1, Weblogic Server 9.0 beta, Apache Beehive, Spring framework 1.2 etc.

Gotta try it now. bye!!~~

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