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As you all know, I have a nokia E51 phone. Recently, when I moved in to my new office, I was very happy to find out that we have good WiFi and wanted to configure it on my phone. I configured WiFi but then I wasn’t able to browse any website. After some digging, I found out that the wifi connection passed through a proxy server which required authentication. So, I figured out where to give the proxy server address and port number. But then there was no place to give my proxy username and password. I searched high and low, but just couldn’t find it & thought of contacting the Nokia Tech Support guys.

After contacting them, the following conversation ensued, which proved that they are idiots, who are not even able to understand the question I’m asking & who will also never ask for clarifications (if they do not understand something). Let me also tell you that this is NOT the first time they are being idiots. When I had a small problem with my phone last time & they couldn’t resolve it after a zillion emails back and forth, I blasted them with foul words. Then someone from Nokia gave a call & they had a personalized look into the problem which was resolved after two months.

Now that their stupidity has creeped up again, I’m going to reveal it here for the world to see.

Assuming that they would understand a question about proxy server, I sent an email through their tech support website as below:

Hi, there is WLAN at my work place & I’m able to connect to it. Is there a way I can setup the native phone web browser to connect to the internet through the proxy on WLAN?

Please help. Thanks!

….to which they have responded as follows:

Dear Mr. Anand,

Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care.

This e-mail is in reference to the WLAN functionality of your Nokia E-51. We appreciate your interest in Nokia phone. We would like to inform you that currently, Nokia phones do not provide access to the internet through default phone browser while connected to WLAN.

However, please be assured that your feedback is valued and we endeavour to address any suggestion that may be raised by our customers. We have forwarded your suggestion to our Customer Feedback Division for their due consideration.


followed by more bullshit, which I have removed here ! It’s almost a week now & my problem is not yet resolved. Conversation is still going on. If any of you know how to solve this problem, please tell me.

5 Responses to “Are Nokia tech support guys idiots?”

  1. Santosh JM Says:

    Customer support doesnt actually support the customers!!… And where have you moved lately(company)??

  2. Aswin Anand Says:

    I have moved to Zoho.

  3. TheCruisemaniac Says:

    Hey buddy,

    Sorry for the late reply…

    For entering proxy details for your wifi network on ur fone, goto Tools->Settings->Connections / Access points.

    Select the access point that serves wifi for you, Look around in the list there / advancved menu there, you will find the proxy server textboxes where u can enter proxy server details.


  4. Aswin Anand Says:

    Hey TheCruisemaniac :), thanks a lot for dropping by. Is there a place where I can enter proxy authentication details?

  5. web proxy Says:

    Those are new working web proxy servers. They should go passed the filters. I checked all of them and they are fast and reliable. The complete list of them is here: