Honesty Pays

December 30th, 2006

Yesterday was a very holy day. Holy day in the sense that, the “Doors of Heaven”, in other Sorga Vaasal, is opened in every temple. Since I had not gone to the temple in morning, my mom told me not to eat anything outside. As luck would have it, after a whole 7 months, my college mates were having a get-together. Meeting the very guys who made all the fun possible at college is awesome! It was very nice time remembering all those tricks and teases we were doing back then.

Soon, it was time for lunch and we all headed to pizza hut. Ignoring my mom’s warning, I binged on 2 pizzas, some garlic breads and some drinks. 2 reasons why I couldn’t resist it.
1. I love pizzas and garlic bread. Yes, it is junk food, but spoiling yourself rarely is fun :).
2. When you are a group, you don’t want to act like a stupid dork. I don’t think eating a pizza is wrong in this day. But somehow, my mind couldn’t accept the act.

Getting back home, I thought point number 2 will be kept a secret. But somehow, I got so frustrated that, I woke her up from her afternoon siesta and told that I binged on 2 pizzas and garlic bread. She was surprised for a second… raising her eye brows, then she said “ok, get lost” and smiled. Well, I was happy beyond measure. Telling the truth lightened my heart so much that I was literally flying. I went to the balcony to enjoy the pleasing evening sun, which was caressing my face and arms, telling that everything is alright!

4 Responses to “Honesty Pays”

  1. Yuvi Says:

    ah man, that was cool! I’ve eaten just two pizzas my entire life:D

    Happier new year:)

    Thanks for previewing my posts: I’ve been scobleized:D

  2. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    I’m always with you 😀

    God Bless you

  3. Mohammed Moyeen.A Says:

    dai……….enna ithu chinna polle thanama irruku……….

  4. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    hehehe.. summa than 🙂