First Podcast Interview

July 21st, 2006

Hello friends!! within next week, I would be doing a podcast interview with Kennedi of Team A. Kennedi is a full time astrologer residing in Chennai. He was one of the participants of the Vlogger Tinker Meetup and he was part of team A. He is a very active blogger too. You can check his blog at where he talks about astrology, spirituality etc. Notably, he is an expert in face reading, tarot cards, energy reading, horoscope reading, vaastu & fenshui.

I’m doing this podcast because it will be a small worthwhile experience for the both of us who are amateurs in this. So, if you have got any questions that you may want to ask astrologers, you are most welcome. Post your question in the comments section and I will be very glad to consider them.


9 Responses to “First Podcast Interview”

  1. Yuvi Panda Says:

    Ask him where he learnt it, and more importantly, if he knew he was goanna be interviewd:D

    Then, ask him to predict the place where you’ll host the Podcast:D
    And, ask him if the equipment you use is really yours:D

    And, have a blast:)

  2. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    I know where he learnt it.

    I told him he will be interviewed and I will ask some wierd qs 😉

    He agreed and didn’t want me to censor the final podcast in case it came out well 😀

  3. Sharath MS Says:

    More importantly, you believe in this stuff? Just curious 😀

  4. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    Yes, I do 🙂 because I have seen it work in many cases.

    In case you want a starting point, I would recommend Linda Goodman’s Star Signs.

  5. Sagaro Says:

    Hey pretty cool da. You probably are the first guy to test it out after the vlogger meet. Best of luck, also give me some pointers once you are done 🙂

    My question to Kenni is “If astrology can predict things, then is there something called free will?”

    “If a person is destined to do something, like say kill another guy. Is it right for the Court to punish him? I mean its the gods will right, everything is already decided. We are only playing our parts… Why should a person get punished because the god bastard destined him to kill someone?”

    There. That would be my two cents. And best of luck.

  6. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    he he he… cool buddy. I will take it in 🙂

  7. Yuvi Panda Says:

    @Aswin: Believe it? Man, that made my day:D

    @Sagaro: Hey, I’ve heard something very similiar somewhere…but…

  8. Sagaro Says:

    @Yuvi Panda:
    I have no clue where you heard it. But I guess its a very general arguement by aethists…

  9. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    Yes buddy, its a general arg and there are lots more.

    he he..

    And hey, if you guys have more questions, put it here without any 2nd thought. I won’t censor anything 😉