Oh dear, Its a saturday again….

September 2nd, 2005

Its dat time of the week again ….. when all your friends r njoying a good morning sleep & u have to get up early and go to college. And what happens here???

Friends!! its 1 of those sat’s again for me & My mom will be asking me to get up, from 5:30AM until its 6:15 AM. After dat, a splash of water goes off on my face & i get up wincing to c dat its a saturday. Rest assured, i lazily brush up & get ready for college …… oh!! God its 6:45, my buz leaves in another 5 mins & im still dressing up :-O

I scrammble for my socks, stuff them in 1 of my pockets to wear it in the bus (I dont disturb my bag because it isnt opened on normal days) & bolt to the bus stop. Phew!! jes in time to catch the bus, its already leaving. What do i notice now??? I have taken 1 black & 1 white sock in a hurry. oh!! wat a saturday morning itz been. Lets c wat happens 2mrw.

Till then, bye & good night 😉

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