hi!! im back with the update on Caritor orientation programme….

It happened on 10th and 11th of Sep at my college and was really excellent. Ok, heres a short desc of wat exactly happened. These sessions have proved wat a gr8 company caritor is.

Day 1

After the inaugral function with our chairman, we were left with Mr.Kaushik & Ms.Nidhi from Caritor. They started the sessions by introducing themselves & i should specifically mention here that both of them were real cool. The first session was on “success” and how success is different from happiness (this was eye opening). The second session today was on introducing ourselves. This was not the normal kinda intro v r used to. V were paired up in groups of 2 (1 guy & 1 gal) & told to know abt each other.

After talking with ur partner for sometime, each group went on stage to introduce the other. This was a lot fun, especially “unique experience” section.

Heres my expr. As for me, i went to Tirunelveli with my dad once. He went to office dat morning & told me to visit a temple dat was abt an hr from the city. So, i had breakfast & headed to the bus stop. Since i didnt know the city or its suburbs much, i asked the bus conductor to tell me wen the stop came. He was very cool & didnt tell me abt it. Soon, something at the back of my mind told that i may have missed the stop & i asked the conductor abt it. He told im 45 mins behind that temple….. 🙂 I got really mad & asked him how do i get back. He told me to take a bus dat goes to tirunelveli & once i got onto the bus, i was looking at each board of the stop until i was sure i got down at the right place. phew!! i had travelled for more than 4 hrs dat day alone & once i got to the room, i slept until the next morning. :))

Day 2

Today, the first session was on corporate ettiquette. Then v had some more sessions on how to achieve success. 3 main ingredients for achieving success are

1. desire – the burning desire to do something
2. knowledge – that helps u move towards the desire
3. skill – helps u perform the task more efficiently to achieve ur goal

The 2nd session was on listening skills & there were some tests on listening comprehensions. Importance was on managing with other english accents & it can be improved by listening to news channels, movies etc.

Dats it for this post guyz, have anything to ask, plz post a comment. bye!!

2 Responses to “Caritor Orientation Programme Cont….”

  1. Praveen Babu Says:

    Hi there.

    I am placed in Caritor too. Placed in July 2005. Unfortunately, we did not have these orientation programmes in my college but knew that they were doing waves in other colleges. Hope to meet you at Caritor.

    This post was especially informative on what happened during these sessions. Thank you.

    Praveen Babu

  2. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    hi!! tooooo gud to c another guy from caritor. Which college r u from? And for orientation programmes in your college, ask ur college management to speak the company officials.