Started my blog

August 27th, 2005

Hooray!! finally started my blog. Wonder why i wanted my blog? Inspiration of a blog came from a lot of other blogs & propelled me to start this one. leaving now… i vil b back with more.

2 Responses to “Started my blog”

  1. Yuvi Panda Says:

    Dude, you’re 22 Days from the First Anivarsary….. I’m your Senior here 😛 :)) [LMAO]…

    Enjoy dude……. Just thinking how much it’s changed me…… And, even you: Your spellings are a lot better;)

  2. Aswin Anand T.H. Says:

    Heheh!! somehooo missed the first anniversary.

    Yup!! this blog has played good role in shaping me up 🙂