Update: There seems to be some problem when the API is being accessed from my domain. Kindly try hosting the script in your own domains.

Hi friends, if you are in India and if you are developing software prototypes which has to send SMS alerts to various Indian mobile numbers, you needn’t spend a lot to buy SMS credits at the various sites. Over the last weekend, I spent some time hacking up a quick SOAP based web service which you can consume in your programs.

Please note that you need to create an account at www.way2sms.com before proceeding further.

How to Use – Method 1:

Currently the web service is active at http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php. This accepts four parameters.

Parameter Name Description
uid This represents the 10 digit phone number with which you have to login at way2sms.
Note: This web service may not work if you try logging in with email address.
pwd Your way2sms password
phone One or more phone numbers to which SMS has to be sent. Phone numbers should be separated by semicolon (;). E.g. 9812345678;9933445566
msg Message that has to be sent.

The URL – http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php – can be invoked with the parameters as follows:

http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=9933445566&pwd=password&phone= 9812345678;9933445566&msg=Hello+World

You can also do a HTTP POST to the same URL to send the SMS. Here’s an example:

<form method=”post” action=”http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php“>
<input type=”hidden” name=”uid” value=”9933445566″ />
<input type=”hidden” name=”pwd” value=”password” />
<input type=”hidden” name=”phone” value=”9812345678;9933445566″ />
<input type=”hidden” name=”msg” value=”Hello World” />
<input type=”submit” value=”Send SMS” />

How to Use – Method 2:

The functionality is also exposed as a SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) WSDL (Web Service Description Language). WSDL can be accessed at http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?wsdl. To know more about how to use this WSDL in Microsoft Visual Studio, check out this article.

Deploying on your own Server:

To deploy this SMS script on your own server, first download the source code & follow the instructions:

  1. Let us assume that you wish to run the service at http://www.example.com/sms/sendsms.php. Here, http://www.example.com/ is your domain, “sms” is the folder and “sendsms.php” is the PHP script in that folder.
  2. Hence, using FTP or SSH, login to your domain hosting space and create a folder named “sms”.
  3. Extract the source code to the “sms” folder. If you don’t want to expose a SOAP WSDL, feel free to skip to step 6.
  4. Since the SMS source code supports SOAP, you have to download the ‘nusoap’ library. Then extract the ‘nusoap’ library to the same “sms” folder.
  5. Once everything is extracted, the folder structure should be:
    • example.com
      • sms/
        • sendsms.php
        • htmlparser.inc (optional)
        • nusoap/
          • class.nusoap_base.php
          • class.soap_transport_http.php
          • class.wsdlcache.php
          • class.soap_fault.php
          • class.soap_val.php
          • class.xmlschema.php
          • class.soap_parser.php
          • class.soapclient.php
          • class.soap_server.php
          • class.wsdl.php
          • nusoapmime.php
          • nusoap.php
  6. Try accessing your web service at http://www.example.com/sms/sendsms.php now.
You can use the same parameters described above for sendsms.php and access it as:

http://www.example.com/sms/sendsms.php?uid=9933445566&pwd=password&phone= 9812345678;9933445566&msg=Hello+World

or you can also do a HTTP POST as indicated above.

License Information:

The source code is licensed under “Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial”. Downloading the file(s) mean that you have agreed license terms.


Download the PHP source code here.

Other Languages:

Currently this SMS web service is available in the following programming languages:


If you liked this web service, please digg it :) . Kindly take it for a test drive and let me know if you find any bugs.

517 Responses to “Send Free SMS – Web Service”

  1. muthu Says:

    i got the wsdl which is published by u.but it shows error : import schema for namespace was not resolved”
    so i cant add this wsdl file to my webreference.
    is this have any solution?

  2. rahil Says:

    hi dost kaise ho

  3. Aswin Anand Says:

    Muthu, I’m unable to get the same error. I’m able to access the WSDL as easily. Do you have any other namespace with the same name?

  4. cssk Says:

    Hey good post but i am unable to send any sms
    i tried both the method of using ur web service in asp.net and directly running the link

    can u suggest me

  5. Aswin Anand Says:

    I just noticed that the way2sms website has changed a bit. I’m making the code changes. The new updated web service will be up tonight.

    Thanks for the info.

  6. cssk Says:

    Thanks for the reply
    can u post some code of using the webservices in asp.net application that wood be very good.
    One more thing i am trying to use an other webservice
    but little sucess
    is there any other web service which can be used

  7. cssk Says:

    Hi Aswin

    Is ur Webservice working?

    Still Trying to get …..

  8. Aswin Anand Says:

    I have updated the web service now & it works properly for me. Please try it out and let me know.

    I have tried webservicex.net’s SMS web service. But since it didn’t work, I created this :)


  9. cssk Says:

    Hi Ashwin It’s Working….
    Thank u

  10. vivin Says:

    hi muthu, i can use ur webservice but u told that unlimited msgs can be sent, no its no correct only limited (arround 60) msgs can be sent, so, u please check it again and try whether there is any other wsdl to send more no.of sms or v can send more from way2sms.
    Reply reqd urgently. tnx in advance.

  11. Aswin Anand Says:

    You can send as many messages as way2sms.com allows. AFAIK, there are no limitations on how many messages you can send per day using the site.

  12. Balasubramanian Says:

    Hi aswin.

    I am using the URL http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=__USER_ID__&pwd=__PWD__&phone=__NUMBER__&msg=__MSG__. which provided above to send SMS. I am receving the output status as ‘DONE’ but i am not receiving any messages. Is there any restrictions, will the message receive for only particular providers?.

    Kindly Reply.

  13. Aswin Anand Says:


    Hope you have created an account at way2sms.com and replaced the following details in the mentioned URL:

    1. replace __USER_ID__ with your way2sms user id.
    2. replace __PWD__ with your way2sms password.
    3. replace __NUMBER__ with the number to which messages has to be sent.
    4. replace __MSG__ with the actual message to be sent.

    I tried with my user name and password and it works perfectly. Most of the time, you will get the SMS within a second or two after the “done” message displays.

  14. soneone Says:

    I went ahead and modified the freely available rss2html to lookup a gmail feed (via freemyfeed.com) and send a sms via your scripts.. this leads to alerts with a small snippet of the mail :)

    Thanks for your script.

  15. Aswin Anand Says:


    Hey, that’s a pretty cool use of this SMS API. Appreciate that! 😀

  16. soneone Says:

    looks like they changed it again.. i cant seem to send messages using the script.

    Contact me for the mail alert script at the email id i’ve entered for this post

  17. Balasubramanian Says:

    Hi Aswin.

    Thanks For ur reply. On that day itself i checked again by creating new user in way2sms,its worked fine.But, Today the URL http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=__USER_ID__&pwd=__PWD__&phone=__NUMBER__&msg=__MSG__is not working. Whether any updates is going on.


  18. Aswin Anand Says:

    Another user has emailed me saying that the script is not working today. I’m looking into it.

  19. Aswin Anand Says:

    @bala, @soneone:

    You can now send SMS through the given URL.

  20. santosh Says:

    Dear Anand

    I have added the webservice to my application
    I haven’t received any message
    It works even when i give wrong password

    Please help me


  21. Aswin Anand Says:

    Hi Santosh, which version of visual studio are you using? I just consumed the SOAP web service and it worked out just fine. The WSDL is available at http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?wsdl

  22. hi krishna Says:

    sms is not send by your website by using
    http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=__USER_ID__&pwd=__PWD__&phone=__NUMBER__&msg=__MSG__is not working. Whether any updates is going on.

  23. Aswin Anand Says:

    Krishna, the URL is working very well. You need to make sure to have a way2sms user ID and password. Are you having that? Have you read the instructions carefully before invoking the URL?

  24. Vivin Says:

    Hi muthu,
    Thanks for ur reply. I consumed ur webservice using my Java Client program, its working fine. I made some improvements to my Java web application ie 1)Long Messaging Service(LMS) like SMS, which allows us to send a text message of any length. 2)Calendar Events or Remainder Service, which allows us to set some remainders or calender events like B’Days and other important occasions and when that event fires then respective SMS/LMS is sent to them. But muthu, in my LMS service i’m unable to send more no.of msgs ie, when split the long text msg into no.of short msgs if the number exceeds some 60 or 70(approx) then the response from ur webservice is “done” as usually but, the remaining msgs after that limit are not being sent and when i try to send any msg there after in Way2sms.com its saying “Policy Violation Error: Too many msgs sent in a short period of time, Plz try later”. So please u chekt it out or try to send more than 100 sms from ur webservice/url. Any how its a very good job from u. Is there any way to retrive msgs sent to us from our client programs ie either by using other wsdls or by any other means. By the way did u try any other webservices to send free sms, I tried many but none is working (at free of cost). If u tried any such which were working please let me know. Awaiting ur reply. Thank u once again.

  25. Vivin Says:

    Hi muthu, May I know ur details(like academic & professional) if u don’t mind

  26. Aswin Anand Says:

    Hey vivin, thanks for visiting my blog. Btw, I’m not “muthu”. I’m Aswin :) & I’m an engineering graduate and working for a software firm in Chennai.

    The web service was quickly hacked over a weekend & hence, those validations/checks need to be put into place.

  27. Vivin Says:

    Hi aswin, thanks for ur reply. sorry for assuming u as Muthu, anyhow can u tell me are any other successful wsdl to send unlimited sms a day.

  28. Aswin Anand Says:

    Vivin, I don’t think such a web service ever exists because of obvious reasons (spamming etc.). May be you can use paid services like the ones at http://www.smscountry.com.

  29. Vivin Says:

    Thanks for ur reply Aswin. what are you working on now, I mean any further progress in hacking Way2sms.com or any work done in sending sms using webservices for free of cost etc.

  30. Aswin Anand Says:

    Vivin, I’m working on automating smslife.in now :)

  31. Vivin Says:

    Tnx for ur reply aswin. Is it your professional work or your personnel work? any how can u give me some detailed description on “Automation of smslife.in”. Thanks in advance.

  32. Vivin Says:

    thanks for making me to know and use voice remainder service in smslife.in its working beautifully and it will be really amazing if that voice sms facility is enhanced to sms,alerts etc

  33. Aswin Anand Says:

    Vivin, automating is pretty simple. Its just a set of CURL (http://php.net/curl) requests and tracking responses, and validating them. You can go through the source code for the way2sms web service, which uses a similar technique. You can get the source code at the top of this blog post.

  34. Aswin Anand Says:

    Doing this is just for fun :) so that I can use them on my sidebar without having to visit the site everytime.

  35. Vivin Says:

    Hi aswin, thanks for ur reply. I am java guy, so can you help in that way.

  36. Aswin Anand Says:

    Sure Vivin. What help do you require?

  37. Baluvasireddy Says:

    Hi aswin yesterday webservice is working properly and all of a sudden today its not working……… what happen to the webservice im flex developer an im doing it from flex application… please update if the webservice is updated

  38. Aswin Anand Says:

    Balu, the web service can be used with any development platform. Looks like way2sms.com has undergone some changes. Will check them & make an update to this blogpost in a day. Please stay tuned.

  39. Vivin Says:

    Hi aswin, I want to set the web service in my own server, so can you please upload the latest/updated source(sendsms) in Java coz I am a Java Web Component Developer.

  40. JP Says:

    Hi Aswin,
    I have used your wsdl to send sms from my .net application. Every thing works fine but am not receiving any message. any updates going on from your end?
    the service is accepting null/blank password
    (i.e) working without any password given.
    Can you suggest any possiblities of mistake that am making?


  41. Aswin Anand Says:

    Vivin, first priority is to stabilize this PHP web service. Of course I’m having plans to write a small library for .NET and Java too. Is it possible for you to maintain the Java library? Please let me know :) I would love that.

    JP, way2sms have some minor changes to the way the website sends SMS. I’m examining those changes & incorporating them. The changes will be released tonight. Regarding the empty password thing, I haven’t done much validation in the PHP side, mainly because I needed to get this out first. It will be taken care of in the next release after tonight’s release. Hope that’s fine.

  42. Jp Says:

    Thanks for your response. Waiting for your Release.

    Thanks again,

  43. Vivin Says:

    Hi aswin, I really love to maintain that webservice in my own server/machine. So, plz let me know how to maintain the Java library in my machine(is it by putting the path of the java class files in the classpath coz I am not sure abt it). Anyhow please let me know in detail.And when r u going to release ur new updated webservice, awaiting ur java lib release also. Thanks aswin.

  44. Aswin Anand Says:

    @JP, Vivin: The web service is back. You can send SMS now. I will be looking into the validations in the coming week.

    @Vivin: By maintenance, I meant about making future code changes and minor enhancements that may come along the way, like what I’m doing now to this PHP thing. Would you be able to maintain that? If so, kindly let me know. I will hack up a quick java program.

  45. Jp Says:

    The code worked fine for me initially and its not working after sending few test messages.

    Is it possible to build .net code library?
    Can we do it?


  46. Vivin Says:

    Thanks Aswin,
    I can maintain the code, but I can do it if u provide me the code in Java, and really like to do some enhancements and of course I already did some like: Remainder service, Long message sending etc. Aswin, if u don’t mind can u tell me the process of hacking also.

  47. Aswin Anand Says:

    @JP: I tried sending a few messages by invoking the URLs and it worked well. Can you let me know after how many messages it stopped working? Yes, .NET code library can be built.

    @Vivin: Yes, the initial java code library can be built.

    For both the .NET and java library, allow me to use a week’s time. I will not be working on them because its a weekend 😀 So by next weekend, I can give a nice .NET & a java library.

  48. Vivin Says:

    ok aswin thank u. I will be awaiting ur java library. Mean while can u tell me the process of hacking also, I too will have try on that and I am very much interested also. or atleast let me know any good site(free) for learning hacking or give me some doc to learn how to do that. Thanks in advance.

  49. Joyce jose Says:

    Hi Aswin good work. plz do upload the .net library so that I can also look into it and hope to maintain it.

  50. Jp Says:

    I have sent 6 messages. Even now i tried to send through my code it is not working. I tested from your URL and its working fine. But not from my code.
    Also there is no error thrown in the code. But the message is not received. I tried to put one For Loop in my code. Before that it was working fine. Is that could have cause any trouble?
    As Vivin Suggested can you through few lights on how to hack / what is the process involved am very much eager to learn few techniques and utilize it in a useful way. can you mail me jpxgen|at|gmail|dot|com

    Thanks in advance.

  51. Aswin Anand Says:

    Joyce, thanks a lot for the offer. I will be releasing the .NET and Java libraries on the coming weekend (within 4th & 5th Oct). You can take control of the source code from then onwards.

    Jp, there has been no “hacking” here. Please don’t get the wrong picture :) By hacking, I meant that a quick solution has been arrived at. Breaking into various systems means “cracking”, which we are *not* doing here.

    As far as how the code is implmented, there is one function named “sendSMSToMany”. It accepts 4 parameters. They are the user id, password, phone number and message. This function then sends a few HTTP requests to the way2sms server for logging in and sending the messages. Please go through the PHP code and let me know your doubts. I will be very glad to answer them. The code is well commented.

  52. Jp Says:

    Sorry for the word Hacking. In spite of curiosity i have used that term. I will look into the PHP code. But i don’t have any idea about PHP :-( Anyway let me give a try.

  53. Joyce Jose Says:

    Yeah sure aswin I will look into it… but as JP says I am not able to send msg using ur webservice.

  54. Aswin Anand Says:

    JP, that’s the spirit 😀 Get back to me if you have doubts after looking at the code.

    Joyce, I just now accessed the URL and I’m able to send messages perfectly. Can you let me know how you tried to access?

  55. Joyce Jose Says:

    Aswin I have tried again now it is workin… thnks

  56. soneone Says:

    Stopped again

  57. Vivin Says:

    Hi aswin, the webservice is not working now, I think it was not working from 3 days. Are any changes are going on?

  58. Aswin Anand Says:

    @Vivin, @someone: Looks the way2sms website is down. I’m unable to access the website itself. Lets try again at the end of the day.

  59. Joyce jose Says:

    Hi Aswin has the url changed I see wwwg instead of www.

  60. tanik Says:

    i tried to send more than one number 92xxxxxxxx,92xxxxxxxx from send.php from using http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php but the response is done invalin number and messeage does not delivered. script is is not accepting mobilenumber as uid.plz tell me how to send to more than one numbers.

  61. Aswin Anand Says:

    @Tanik: Please read the blog post carefully again. ‘uid’ is the user id you created at way2sms.com. To send the same SMS to multiple numbers, you have to separate 2 or more numbers with semicolon (‘;’).

    @Joyce: It looks like way2sms redirects its users to one of their servers dynamically after login. That doesn’t affect us though.

  62. Abu Says:

    You can send SMS free to Cell Phones in Argentina:
    Radio Sabalera SMS
    Tested and works!

  63. Vivin Says:

    hi aswin, how r u? U told to release the Java version of the web service and also asked me to maintain the code in my own system, but what happened. I think u are busy with other works. So may i know how much time will to take for u to release it in Java version.

  64. Aswin Anand Says:

    Sorry Vivin, last week was a bit tight at work. I’m thinking of doing it this weekend. Hope that’s fine.

  65. Vivin Says:

    Thank you aswin, take ur own time b’coz u r alone taking all the pain of doing a good job for us. Thanks a lot.

  66. Vivin Says:

    Aswin, when i try to send sms using the webservice by providing my mobile no. as userid, its saying invalid login but when i give my userid(mailid) instead of mobile no. its accepting and am able to send sms. I think u have made some validations (like login validations) and may I please know what all the validations or preconditions u made for the webservice.

  67. Jp Says:

    Ashwin, What about the .net version? can you let me know when it will be released? so that we can maintain it.


  68. Aswin Anand Says:

    JP, .net library is definitely in the cards. I’m on it this weekend after barcamp. Its on the way.

    Vivin, I just added login validation and phone number validation. If the user enters invalid user id or invalid password, it will be clearly shown.

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  70. Harish Says:

    Hi Aswin,

    i am developing a free sms portal using jsp.

    but i am not getting please help me

    send some javacodes related to free sms technology


  71. Muthu Says:

    I tried to login using the url,
    with my way2sms user id and pass which is working in the
    way2sms website.. but i got “invalid login ” i need help in getting the web service worked.plz reply

  72. Aswin Anand Says:

    @Muthu: I tried just now with my login ID and password. SMS is being sent properly.

  73. Om Says:

    Hi,does it work in Bangladesh?


  74. Aswin Anand Says:

    Hello Om, as of now, this works only in India because way2sms supports India only.

  75. safal Says:

    can i use you weservices
    and http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=__USER_ID__&amp;
    and i copy the above URL and paste it in IE(intenet explore) but it didn’t worked out

  76. safal Says:

    can i use you weservices
    and http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=__USER_ID__&amp;
    and i copy the above URL and paste it in IE(intenet explore) but it didn’t worked out
    one more thing i forget to tell, after pasting the url
    in the internet explorer i am getting a message it is done, but the message was not recieved by my mobile which was entered in the url

  77. Suny Sharma Says:

    It is easily integrated in asp.net application

  78. vivin Says:

    what else Mr.Aswin?

  79. vivin Says:

    any progress in sms web service?

  80. vivin Says:

    btw u r working on?

  81. Sharan Says:

    Hey Aswin,

    I downloaded the file that you have posted on your site and uploaded them to my web server including the .inc file (html parser) as well as the php. I even downloaded the nusoap files and added them to the server. The service works when I send a message and everything, but there is one small problem – it seems to add some slashes (‘\’) wherever I use single quotes in my code. And this happens only when I use the service from my server, but if I send the same exact message from your server, I don’t get that error.

    As I am a complete newbie when it comes to PHP, any help you can provide me to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.



  82. Aswin Anand Says:

    Sharan, looks like your single quotes are being escaped. To prevent escaping, you have to URL-encode them, which is what we are doing anyway.

  83. vivin Says:

    hi aswin, how r u? can u upload the java version of the webservice so that i can maintain both the web service and the my java client program on my machine. Thanks in advance. Awaiting ur code..

  84. vivin Says:

    hi aswin, Happy new year in advance. how r u? can u upload the java version of the webservice so that i can maintain both the web service and the my java client program on my machine. Thanks in advance.

  85. Aswin Anand Says:

    Hello Vivin, wish you the very same. The java library is on its way with the new year. I have just completed it. Will test it once and release it tomorrow.

  86. blaaze Says:

    hi aswin
    i saw ur sms idea just now and was bit impressed but after seeing these comments and all
    i thought to ask u something now, is there any perfect script currently running now,,

    if yes then contact me on my mail id

    thanks in advance


  87. Aswin Anand Says:

    Thanks Blaaze. Emailed you.

  88. Naveen Says:

    Good work. I tried setting up the webservice on my own server. Had quite a problem because curl_init() was not found. Finally deciphered that I had to make a change in the php.ini file to include the curl extension.
    Finally, it did work for me from an asp.net application.

    Is there a way that we can overcome the way2sms line which get appended to the sms?

  89. Aswin Anand Says:

    Naveen, its really cool to see that the web service API is working properly now. Currently, we don’t have any control over the way2sms line that gets appended to the outgoing SMS & we are not in a position to remove it.

  90. xdong Says:

    just realized the way2sms only works for mobile that has an account in india, right? or have I missed something here?

  91. Aswin Anand Says:

    xdong, way2sms works only in India. I have mentioned that in the post.

  92. vivin Says:

    hi aswin, u told to upload the java library. I have been awaiting it. So when can i have it.

  93. Aswin Anand Says:

    Vivin, its ready. Check this post – http://www.aswinanand.com/blog/2009/01/free-sms-web-service-java-library/

    Thanks a lot for your patience :)

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  95. Rahul Says:

    Hi Ashwin,
    Thanks for the webservice. The Webservice works fine.Can u please tell me how to remove the way2sms letters from the sms.

  96. Aswin Anand Says:

    Rahul, the way2sms letters cannot be removed from the SMS because way2sms adds it to promote themselves & place a few ads.

  97. pravin Says:


    Can i use the web service in PHP application??
    Please respond


  98. Aswin Anand Says:

    Pravin, you can use this in your PHP application. Just invoke the SMS URL using the PHP cURL bindings (http://php.net/curl) and it will work out fine.

  99. Shafi Says:

    hello friends…

    i have developed a website which is fully functioning for SMS wanna see that,

    visit: aspspider.info/sheebusimmi/

    and then u will know there how i have done it…

  100. pravin Says:

    I have used ur code in my php application ,
    but it says invalid login ,
    i have created way2sms user id and using that but when i use ur url http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=__USER_ID__&amp;
    it is working ,
    however i want to use my server for sending messages


  101. Aswin Anand Says:

    Pravin, I have mentioned instructions on deploying the script on your own server in the blog post. Please follow them. If you face any problems, please email me using the “Contact Me” link on the sidebar.

  102. Vivin Says:

    Thanks aswin, thank you very much, just now my system is working fine after a repair and after 5 days i viewing ur post, so i was unable to view ur post on the day u posted but just now i downloaded ur jar file and will see now. once again thanks for ur work.

  103. martin joseph Says:

    thanks awin ….

    ur java code works fine …..


  104. Aswin Anand Says:

    Vivin: Thanks a lot :) Please check it out and let me know.

    Martin: Thanks a lot :)

  105. Sanket Shah Says:

    Hi Aswin Anand,

    I’ve just used your web service through .NET and am really excited to use it.

    Aswin can you please share the .NET version of the Web Service? I’ve my own web site and will use it to maintain the releases.

    Waiting for reply,


  106. don Says:

    http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=email@example.com&pwd=password&phone= 9812345678;9933445566&msg=Hello+World
    This string means that we submit our username & password to a site but the problem is that they can use it for wrong purpose

  107. Aswin Anand Says:

    Don, you are correct. That is why there are other options such as setting up the script on other websites. Do check them as well.

  108. Aswin Anand Says:

    Sanket, thanks a lot for dropping by. A .net DLL is in the works and I will release it soon.

  109. Rahul Says:

    Client found response content type of ‘text/html’, but expected ‘text/xml’.
    The request failed with the error message:

  110. Aswin Anand Says:

    Rahul, when & how is this error coming? Please give more info.

  111. vivin Says:

    aswin, your web service is not working and when calling it, its giving an exception: “org.xml.sax.SAXException: Bad envelope tag: br” and here is the complete Tree: SMSs..org.xml.sax.SAXException: Bad envelope tag: br
    faultCode: {http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/}Server.userException
    faultString: org.xml.sax.SAXException: Bad envelope tag: br
    {http://xml.apache.org/axis/}stackTrace:org.xml.sax.SAXException: Bad envelope tag: br
    at org.apache.axis.message.EnvelopeBuilder.startElement(EnvelopeBuilder.java:71)
    at org.apache.axis.encoding.DeserializationContext.startElement(DeserializationContext.java:1048)
    at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.AbstractSAXParser.startElement(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.AbstractXMLDocumentParser.emptyElement(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLNSDocumentScannerImpl.scanStartElement(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLNSDocumentScannerImpl$NSContentDispatcher.scanRootElementHook(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl$FragmentContentDispatcher.dispatch(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl.scanDocument(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.XML11Configuration.parse(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.XML11Configuration.parse(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.XMLParser.parse(Unknown Source)
    at com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.parsers.AbstractSAXParser.parse(Unknown Source)
    at javax.xml.parsers.SAXParser.parse(Unknown Source)
    at org.apache.axis.encoding.DeserializationContext.parse(DeserializationContext.java:227)
    at org.apache.axis.SOAPPart.getAsSOAPEnvelope(SOAPPart.java:696)
    at org.apache.axis.Message.getSOAPEnvelope(Message.java:435)
    at org.apache.axis.handlers.soap.MustUnderstandChecker.invoke(MustUnderstandChecker.java:62)
    at org.apache.axis.client.AxisClient.invoke(AxisClient.java:206)
    at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invokeEngine(Call.java:2784)
    at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(Call.java:2767)
    at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(Call.java:2443)
    at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(Call.java:2366)
    at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(Call.java:1812)
    at vivin.LongMessageSending.sendLongMessage(LongMessageSending.java:56)
    at vivin.LongMessageSending.main(LongMessageSending.java:33)


  112. Arthanari Says:

    Hi Friend,
    I am using this service in my final year project..but this option now not working because way2sms site updated their website..now i am getting error message “invalid login”..can u give that soap concept coding..i can use that and do change..

  113. Aswin Anand Says:

    Vivin & Arthanari, looks like some major changes have happened through way2sms. I will update everything this weekend.

  114. Arthanari Says:

    Thank you friend for your response..Can i know how this service working through SOAP concept..then i can learn SOAP..

  115. Vivin Says:

    thank you aswin and yes Way2sms view got changed a lot and added lot of new features like mailid@way2sms.com, other mail related alerts to mobile.

  116. thameen Says:

    i am using ur wsdl but its throw the following exception
    “Client found response content type of ‘text/html’, but expected ‘text/xml’.
    The request failed with the error message:”

    can u help me please

  117. Aswin Anand Says:

    Dear all, the web service should work fine now. Hope all is ok.

  118. vivin Says:

    thank you aswin its working fine but the java library (the java class SMS) is giving exception : java.io.FileNotFoundException: http://wwwa.way2sms.com/wapserv
    at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(Unknown Source)

  119. Arthanari Says:

    Dear Aswin Anand,
    Today i checked this concept..now its working..thanks a lot..

  120. Arun Says:

    Hi Aswin,

    Could you pls U tell me what that .Net version. Actually I would like to use this service from my Asp.Net application. But don’t have any Idea. Can U help me how to use this service from ASP.NET.

    Thanks U so much

  121. Sudharshan Says:

    Hi Aswin!! Thanks a ton! ur code works perfectly! but i need a solution! i can send sms from my web application with your code when i am using the home broadband connection… but when i take my laptop to my college and connect with the college wireless connection, i receive a Unknown Host Exception:wwwd.way2sms.com!!! :(

    i cant figure out whats wrong! can u give any solution??!

  122. Vivin Says:

    yes aswin, the java lib is working fine. thanks for making changes to the java lib according to the changes done in way2sms.com.

  123. Aswin Anand Says:

    Sudharshan, I guess your college has a proxy server configured. Support for proxy servers is coming soon.

  124. Nithya Says:

    I tried to use the url with my username and password..But its always says invalid login..Can you help me out.

  125. Aswin Anand Says:

    Nithya, kindly give your 10 digit phone number for username & try again.

  126. vinod kumar mishra Says:

    dear sir, i am using your web service. It was working properly before one month. today I am trying and it shown invalid login. I have checked about login information and it was correct. pl. help


  127. Waves » Blog Archive » Free SMS Web Service Updated Says:

    […] Free SMS Web Service […]

  128. Aswin Anand Says:

    Vinod, please download the library again and try. The web service has undergone some major changes.

  129. Bimal Says:

    how to remove ad from the sms

  130. Aswin Anand Says:

    Bimal, you cannot remove the ad from the SMS.

  131. Ruchika Says:

    Hi Aswin,
    can you please tell the new url for
    as after the amendment in website it is not working at all and says invalid login.
    and I am also waiting for the .net version
    thanks in advance.
    Ruchika Sharma

  132. satya Says:

    I am developing web application and i have a feature called “send sms”.While i am searching for free sms services i found your site.

    I am using java for my application development,i saw your sms.jar file but i cant understood how to proceed to use your service.Please help me to use this service.

  133. Aswin Anand Says:

    Satya, what help do you require? I believe there are clear instructions in the blog post.

  134. Sanjay Says:

    Hi Aswin,
    I am Sanjay, using your web service in ASP .NET app for sending SMS. Is there any way to capture acknowledgement whether receipt ants got the msg or not?

  135. Aswin Anand Says:

    Sanjay, as of now, there’s no way to receive any acknowledgment. But if you discover any, please let me know so that it can be implemented.

  136. Jose Says:

    Hi Aswin,

    I’m trying to use the web service u have provided.
    following is the exact code I’m using.

    but when excuted it simply returns ‘invalid login’, where as I have checked the login & I’m able to to so through way2sms portal.

    Dim smss As smsSketch.SendSMS = New smsSketch.SendSMS
    Dim r As String

    r = smss.sendSMSToMany(“my_user_id”, “my_pass”, “9987888990”, “My_message”)


    Also gone thru the blog for similar issues could you help me in this stuff.

    Thanks & Regards

  137. Dinesh Says:


    I am implementing the SMS alerts, i am using PHP lib for sending it but it show’s invalid login, can any one help me out, or u guys getting same error,

    please help :)

    Thanks in advance

  138. The DJ Says:


    I am a novice in Java…know nothing more than writing the main function… Want to add a functionality in my project which will ask for the text to be sent, the number to which the sms will be sent… and then on submitting, the application will send the sms.

    Please help. Please send me the code which i should implement in my java class… my passing then exam depends on this project and this project of mine depends on you…

  139. Jose Says:

    Hi Aswin and All,

    I have figured out why many of the prgs return as ‘invalid login’ when invoked any of the given methods in the blog.

    This is were I was stuck.

    All login registered thru Old version of way2sms fails.
    Try registering with the new version of way2sms and there u go wroom, wrooom, wroooom . . . .

    Happy SMSing.

  140. Serren Says:

    I’ve never given this a try, but I think it’s about time I do.

  141. Sridhar Says:

    Good work….
    Kudos :)

  142. lakshmi Says:


    how to use this sms sending web service in asp.net..

    am getting error..

    please help me

  143. Gagan Says:

    Hi Aswin,

    You have done a great job. Keep it up. Just a quick question, is it possible to remove the appended ad message of way2sms from receieved sms?

  144. Aswin Anand Says:

    Gagan, since the appended message is added by way2sms, its not possible to remove it.

  145. santhosh Says:

    any web service for php ……..

    plz… i need it…

  146. suraj Says:

    Not working.

    Are u gong to update the code. Is this can be implemented to other network

  147. suraj Says:

    sorry, php working fine.
    Can i know a ad free sms gateway in which this script can be used

  148. nakul Says:

    Hey Hi Aswin,

    I have used the webservice u have shown.

    Let me tell you i m very much impressed with it.

    And its working fine with my asp.net code.

    Now,the 1 thing i need to ask u is regarding whenever the msg is send to it’s recipient it shows my number.

    Can it be possible in any way that we can give custom name while we are sending sms that could be displayed on recipient’s mobile like MyToday if u have seen.

    Can u give Suggest some alternate ways to do this.

    Thank You for ur useful article and webservice.

    Thanx a lot.


  149. Aswin Anand Says:

    Nakul, the message you send contains your number. However, its added by way2sms and we don’t have any control over it.

  150. Sachinc Says:

    hi Aswin
    I have used the webservice u have shown.
    i want the method in C library so that i can use it in web application as you have given the java library.
    Thankyou for useful article and webservices

  151. mark Says:

    hi nakul ,

    here i m also trying to do same thing with asp.net n C#

    can u plz pass me that code ,

    how i can do this

    and how can i add this webserive in my asp.net , but they r allready in php.

    plz help , thankx

  152. kiran Says:

    hi aswin,

    its nice , but one thing how can i redirect to my original pages ones i send sms from u r service and i am how i can get done message ,

  153. Joseph Says:

    Thanks for making the source publicly available. Will be exploring it now :)

  154. Saran Says:

    when i add ur webservice in .net 2003 “display credential dialogbox” display and it ask username,password,domain.what should i give.plz help me

  155. Deepu Says:

    thnaks Aswin……..
    its really working 4 me………
    expecting more from u

  156. Deepu Says:


    i downloaded sendsms.php and hosted in myweb


    but it shows invalid login .
    but when i copy and pase the url and using with ur
    http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php its works fine

  157. Fahad Pathan Says:

    Kindly let me know how can I use the code in ASP.Net Technology.
    Thanks & Regards,

  158. Fahad Pathan Says:

    Can you pls help put with the same as I have also tried webserviesX code.

  159. Saran Says:

    when i add ur webservice in .net 2003 “display credential dialogbox” display and it ask username,password,domain.what should i give.
    I already ask this doubt to u,but u not reply me.plz help me.Its very urgent

  160. Sunil Jain Says:

    Thanks :)
    I found a list of sites to send free sms hope it helps everyone

  161. Saran Says:

    when i add ur webservice in .net 2003 “display credential dialogbox” display and it ask username,password,domain.what should i give.
    I already ask this doubt to u,but u not reply me.plz help me.Its very urgentt

  162. Deepu Says:

    new way2sms allows 140 charecters plz update ur service

  163. suresh Says:

    Hi Aswin,
    Gr8 job done by you.. my appreciations.. Thanks for your web service..its working fine..

  164. Jayaprakash Says:

    My IT Team has blocked way2sms.com. I think because of this SMS is not going.

  165. Amey Says:

    Gr8 job…..

    SMS.SendSMSToMany(996*******, “password”, 997*******, “message”);

    not working !

    whreas this is working


    help urgent plz

  166. abc.def Says:

    U Rock

  167. Prabhu Says:

    Hi Anand

    I want to use the webservice as in http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php. But when i opened and try to view the source to save as WSDL i get an error message “XML source file is unavailable for viewing”. How i can consume the WSDL to my application?


  168. Prabhu Says:

    Hi Anand,

    i jus sent a message using the web http call in ur initial post:

    http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=9933445566&pwd=password&phone= 9812345678;9933445566&msg=Hello+World

    i’m recv’ng the message, but is it possible to supress the sender mobile number with some Text and also the message contains ‘Sent via Way2sms.com’, can this also be supressed?

  169. ritendra basnal Says:

    great job
    well done i m looking for that….

    from last few days

    thanks a lot..

  170. Prabhu Says:


    Is it possible to mask the sender number with some Text and also delete the text “From Way2SMS.com” in the message body?

  171. Aswin Anand Says:

    Hi Prabhu, that’s not possible.

  172. shubhram Says:

    Hi Aswin!!!

    Thanks @ lot !!! for ur script ..
    I am looking for this script for past few days ..

  173. Rakesh Says:

    Hi Aswin,

    Great work!!!. one concern ( not regarding the code ) is how will I come back to my page? since it showing “done” and stays there, I am not able to come back to my page.
    Please help me.


  174. Mujahid Says:


    Thank You very much Aswin.. I just need this..

    But can we send msg to any number of mobiles??


  175. Sai Prasad Says:

    Just a small doubt !!! How are you able to trace the requests that are done by the way2sms site itself??

    Is it any kind of backdoor trick?

    Please also mail the reply to the above mail address..

    Just being curious about the technique.. :)

  176. Aswin Anand Says:

    @Sai: Please check out the source code :)

  177. Rupesh Says:

    Hi Aswin,

    I am trying to build a small web app to send sms using your web service.

    Problem is, when I paste the link in address bar with required parameters it works fine. However, when I try to build it using wsdl.exe for .Net I get following error:

    “The request failed with HTTP status 407: Proxy Authentication Required ( The ISA Server requires authorization to fulfill the request. Access to the Web Proxy service is denied.).”

    Am I doing something wrong? I haven’t used wsdl webservice before. Please tell me what should I do to overcome this execption.

    Thank you.


  178. Rupesh Says:

    Hi Aswin,

    I just missed out to ask you whether it is possible to to pass credential details through the webservice, or is there any way to pass credential details before I access your web service. I think wsdl.exe uses ASP.NET user to authenticate proxy, and is may not have the required access rights!


  179. satheesh Says:


    This is work fine.
    but i use the sendsms.php along with nusoap folder. i have an error like invalid user.

    what is the solution for this problem?

  180. Pawandeep Says:

    Thanks Ashvin,
    I had developed a small mobile application (for windows mobile) to sent SMS using ur service.
    If works perfectly fine :)
    thanks for your efforts :)

    if any one is interested then PM me on pawandeepalw @ Yahoo I will share it with you

    Thanks & Regards

  181. Send Free SMS using PHP | ODISHASERVER Says:

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  182. gvvsnreddy Says:

    Hi Anand,

    I need small help regrading free sms, i have set up method 1 which is the first for sending free sms.
    i got the result as well but after sending the message
    i am getting a page with done message.i have to avoid this message and i need to get my previous page,Can you please tell me the process how to avoid this(done) message.

  183. Crackboy Says:

    Friend I Downloaded your sendsms.zip, I also downloaded NUSOAP Library containing all detailed Files.
    I put in my Webserver in the said manner but still Getting as
    invalid login
    What to do man?
    Please Help Me…

  184. Vikram Says:

    hey aswin..
    ive successfully implemented this sms sending code via sms.jar file.

    but i want to know how we can incorporate proxy settings while sending http request… with user authentication??
    do you have java code for that.
    any pointers in this will be really appreciable. Thanx

  185. Venugopal Says:

    Hi Anand,
    i’m using the webservice from your side to send the sms through a .net windows service client. when debug the service i’m able to send the SMS. but once the service installed in the system i’m not able to send the SMS and i’m getting the error “The underlying connection was closed: The remote name could not be resolved.” what could be the problem?

    can you pls help me as soon as possible.

    thanks in advance.

  186. Sabin Z Says:

    hi, things did work well for me:)
    too good:)

  187. Sekhar Says:

    Hi aswin

    i am using u r web service its working fine.

    It’s legally ????????????????? to work, please tel me, i have doubt. please my dear friend.

  188. Aswin Anand Says:

    Venugopal, its possible you are behind a firewall that’s refusing outbound connections.

  189. vikram Says:

    hey ..
    how do i catch authentication error?

    BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(uc.getInputStream()));

    this br variable is always null… how to proceed?

  190. Noorahmed Says:

    This API is very nice Mr.Aswinanand, im testing it on my local server. i’m using the parameters in a process.php file the code is as follows:

    im passing the variables phone=$mobile & msg=$name but it’s giving following error msg.

    done invalid number;$mobile

    please solve this issue.

  191. Prakash Says:


    I am using your web refrences for sending free sms in .net,thanks for your help and some times i cant able to send messages,is ther any limitation,can I have the updated version for .net web reference

  192. Suman Says:

    Hi Aswin,

    I am working on Flex 3 , am not able to send sms usig that WSDl, Can you please help me out

    thanks in advance

  193. Aswin Anand Says:

    Suman, please try using the GET/POST APIs. Kindly check the same and let me know. As far as I know, the WSDL is working fine.

  194. Prakash Says:

    Dear Ashwin,

    If I send SMS continuously means,some times the messages will not be delivered,bot it was showing tht messages was sent,how to over come this?is ther any restriction to send sms continuosuly………………..

    can you help me to get out of this??????


  195. Sampath Says:

    Dear Ashwin,
    Thanks a lot. The service is working fine without any problem on web. But locally getting some “fatal error.curl_init() fail”…error. never mind.

    Is there any way to send sms without going for way2sms?

  196. Aswin Anand Says:

    Sampath, you need to install curl & its php library on your system. Its usually a matter of just enabling the curl extension in php.ini.

    Prakash, sometimes way2sms has restrictions on the number of SMSes sent continuously. We don’t have control over that.

  197. K.Prakash Says:

    Thanks Aswin

  198. Shankar Says:

    hi Aswin,

    We incorporate your WSDL to send SMS message from my application. I need to know whether its support International SMS.

    Please let us know is there is any provision for us to send SMS across the Globe.

    If you are not offering this service, can you recommend any of other service provide who gives International SMS.

  199. Aswin Anand Says:

    Shankar, as far as I know, way2sms doesn’t support international SMS yet.

    Avadhani, if you want to send and receive SMS from a GSM connected to a system, you need to program it using AT commands. There are lot of softwares already that allow you to do that.

  200. Sampath Says:

    Thanks for your reply. I am able to send msg from my website, but not from localhost. can you suggest some freeware using with i can send sms from my pc. i m using nokia pc suite right now. But I dont know how to link with my PHP/MySQL data base.

  201. girish meena Says:

    why it is showing done invalid number

  202. Raksha Says:

    Hi Aswin,

    I used the api u provide to send sms…it really works. :)

    You have done a great job man. Thanks.

    Keep it up doing such good work.

  203. GG Says:

    Hi Aswin
    I tried to add the php file sendsms.php and the library nusoap-0.7.3 on my geocities account but it is not working, can you please provide me some leads? Just by placing the files in the order u described should work? Can u give me some free php hosting website where i can host my server?

    Thanks in advance.

  204. Aswin Anand Says:

    GG, I don’t think geocities supports PHP. As far as I know, geocities supports hosting only static files. You could host your files at sites such as 110mb.com which provide free PHP hosting.

  205. Pratyush Says:

    I have used ur code in my php application ,
    but it says invalid login ,
    i have created way2sms user id and using that but when i use ur url http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=__USER_ID__&amp;
    it is working ,
    however i want to use my server for sending messages. CAn i have ur sendsms.php file coz ur url works but when i use this file to my server it says “invalid login”. plzzzz help and thank u

  206. Pratyush Says:

    Or can u just send me the script of ur sendsms.php plzzzzzz

  207. Aswin Anand Says:

    Pratyush, the source code download is available at the end of the blog post.

  208. Pratyush Says:

    Ya i have dwnlded that but its not wrking yet. Giving the same error “invalid login” plzzzzz help

  209. GG Says:

    Hi Aswin
    One more question. Does way2sms.com provides the way to send sms via php script or you yourself found this loop hone. I am asking this because I want to develop some kind of application which can send sms via internet but I am not sure if I would need permission from way2sms or I can use their services as it is. Can you please guide me to some link which actually says that i can use the website service for my application?

  210. c stiwari Says:

    hello aswin i am useing your webservice it was working fine when i am useing it on local host. but as soon as i use it on my website following error is comming.

    CS0246: The type or namespace name ‘com’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

    although i hava upload same web config and app_web refreence folder to the website.

  211. racker Says:


    The script seemed to be working fine for me. I recieved a message.

    Has anyone made a whole page which can send smses to many nos at once ?

  212. Joe Says:

    HAY ………

    Fine Its Working….

    Thank U

  213. deepak Says:

    hiii frnd i m using ur webservice in my project but i have one prob is that in way to sms they r adding advertisement at the last of msg. so i want to know can i remove that and i want to put my name thr.

  214. Keyur Ajmera Says:

    Check this site.

    i implement this web service.

  215. Keyur Ajmera Says:

    Check this site.


    i implement this web service.

  216. Venkat Says:

    Aswin thats an excellent PHP script. I am facing a problem that when we host it locally or on our website, it reports invalid login. Appreciate if you can help us out.

    Meanwhile I thought I’d share with others who had another issue of a display that says done invalid number.

    The invalid number comes because you have

    a semicolon after PHONE1. If you DO NOT have multiple phone numbers, remove that semi colon. If you have multiple phone numbers, separate them with a semi colon but not for the last one.


  217. nayan Says:

    i got error that invalid login but i have account in way2sms and i can send sms using from your http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php script

  218. Keyur Ajmera Says:

    Create Account and use it’s free webservice.



    More Detail Contact Me.

  219. H Guy Says:

    Hi Aswin,

    That’s a nice PHP script and I appreciate you for the same.

    Meanwhile on line number 33 which has,
    “&q=Deepika%20Padukone%20Photo%20Gallery” is where I am confused with.

    Can you kindly provide me the significance of the above and of course the line 33.

    Thanks in advance. :)
    Waiting for your reply eagerly..!

  220. prashanth Says:

    hi awsin !!!
    although i can send sms from ur website.. im unable to send then using ur php script… it seeems u made some changes in ur website but not in the downloadable script.. plzz share ur php script again… it says invalid login whenever i try

  221. Aswin Anand Says:

    Hilbert, that deepika padukone stuff is nothing 😛 . When I was developing this library, this value was hard-coded in their HTML form. I just reused the same hehe! Otherwise, there’s no significance to that line. It can be changed to anything you wish.

  222. Aswin Anand Says:

    Prashanth, are you behind a proxy or something?

  223. pushkar Says:

    hi you are great man..
    this work very good.. in my asp.net website
    thank a lot….
    but one question
    this is legal or not???
    but its good

  224. vijay Says:

    hi i use this sendsms.php script on my domain , i pass correct parameter to uid,pass bt i got Invalid Login error plz reply

  225. prashanth Says:

    umm… actually i deployed it in http://v-smschat.freehostia.com/sendsms.php

    this host supports curl.. u think i hav to set internet access proxy and port??

    its live.. try checking it urself..
    it always says invalid login

  226. Aswin Anand Says:

    Prashanth/Vijay, I will check this and get back in couple of days. Thanks for reporting this.

  227. sudhakar Says:

    I was trying to invoke your webservice in asp.net, but struck in the middle of code.

    plz do u have any sample code of how to implement in asp.net

  228. Arunkumar.G Says:

    Hi Aswinanand Team Your WSDL is working correctly Thank You for your WSDL File.

    I want to send my mail through the wsdl…..

    Please can u send wsdl for that…

    Thank You.

  229. Arunkumar.G Says:

    Hi Great Man !!!
    your wsdl working in asp.net also…
    But i can’t send more than 100 SMS.
    We can’t sent more then 100 sms….
    If you know please reply me…
    Thank U Great Man.

  230. Ashok Says:

    Aswin i deployed the webservice in iis 6.0.

    But when i send sms using these webservice its giving me an error like ‘Client found response content type of ‘text/html’, but expected ‘text/xml’.

    what may be the reason?

  231. Pirate11 Says:

    hello. i am an ASP.NET developer.
    thank you for you great service.
    but i think your webservice needs a little upgradation. way2sms has updated recently and this web service of yours isnt working properly.
    Hope you look into the matter.
    Thnx again.

  232. Aswin Anand Says:

    I will check it and get back.

  233. Praneil Says:

    i guess they have stopped all this..
    when i login using ur trick, it says invalid login

  234. Praneil Says:

    yesterday it was working good, but now isnt working at all….

  235. Bora Appala Reddy Says:

    Hi Aswin sir,
    I started using your service “http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=9933445566&pwd=password&phone= 9812345678;9933445566&msg=Hello+World” to send SMSes successfully for the last one week. But suddenly it stopped working and giving error “Invalid login” from today afternoon. It seems way2sms might have modified their site. Would you please help me in this regard?
    Thank you sir.
    Happy DIWALI!

  236. Abi Says:


    Great piece of work Anand..

    If any of you get an “Invalid Login”, try changing the following in the sendsms.php :

    Replace all instances of wwwd.way2sms.com with wwwi.way2sms.com (the d with the i). It started working fine for me when I changed this in the sendsms.php.

  237. Abraham Says:

    I would like to know how i can use this in my windows C# application .net 2.0 . Sending the sms.
    plzz help me.
    Any format is avilable??

  238. Abraham Says:

    com.aswinanand.www.SendSMS objSendSMSWorld = new SendSMSInWindow.com.aswinanand.www.SendSMS();
    objSendSMSWorld.sendSMSToMany(“98443”, “ullall123”, “9740190000”, “hello”);
    my os is vista i can’t able to send it showing the error connecting server machine http://www.asinanand.com failed …
    Help me
    Thanks in advanced..

  239. Sunil Says:

    Awesome work dude. Saved loads of my time :)

  240. Dhinesh babu Says:

    It is super. I think we no need to send sms with web serive.. Just URL formation is enough.

  241. aditya Says:

    hi,all times invalid login message comes,bt when try with “http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=……..” it works fine.can u send ur correct php code in my email id?

  242. aditya Says:

    hi,all times invalid login message comes,bt when try with “http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=……..” it works fine.can u send ur correct php code in my email id?


  243. aditya roy Says:

    hi,plz send ur sendsms.php code,its not working properly,invalid login message comes.

  244. sathish Says:

    sir i avoid one mobile number for way2sms message please help me some problem will create with that num,ber please help me sent me my email id details ….

  245. Aswin Anand Says:

    Aditya, the service seems to work fine for me. Guess you are doing some mistake. Please follow the steps properly.

  246. vijay Says:

    i set up your code on my site but it give error

    Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in /home/zenwa0/public_html/sms/sendsms.php on line 36
    invalid login

    plz help me i m wtng

  247. vijay Says:

    i m using correct password and username but i get invalid error

  248. vijay Says:

    hi,all times invalid login message comes,bt when try with “http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=……..” it works fine.can u send ur correct php code in my email id?


  249. Aswin Anand Says:

    Vijay, what exactly are you doing? Can you describe the steps you took? It works for me correctly.

  250. Saurabh Rai Says:

    Ashwin i am so impressed by your work. Please contact me on rai@bold.co.in need to share/discuss about this sms service. Thanks!

  251. kumar Says:

    hello aswin,

    i checked your sendsms functionality.

    but could you please provide me the sample code

    in ASP.NET. how to use it ?

  252. am Says:

    helllo aswin

    i tried your service
    but its showing me message
    ‘done invalid number; 9812345123’

    why it is showing this ?

  253. Himanshu Says:

    Hello Genius,

    I have made an application based on the page (in asp.net)which posts data to the sendsms.php page,
    it was working fine a week ago but now it throws an error

    Exception Details: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable host

    Please advice.

  254. Aswin Anand Says:

    Himanshu, please try now. It should work.

  255. Nitin Lohchab Says:

    Please Can You Help Us. Can You Proide Your Code In Asp Instead Of PHP we will be very thankfull to you…

    Please Try To Reply As Soon As Possible Mail us the asp page if u can.

    Nitin Lohchab
    (Server Administrator)

  256. Pratik Says:

    Nice one :)

  257. SANDEEP Says:

    Hi Aswin
    I use Your free sms service code. It is fantastic.
    But when i try to use on my server it show error “Invalid login”. I will take my direct url to sms root in your website textbox. check it & reply on my email plz

  258. Avinash Sonee Says:

    Hello Aswin,

    Thanks for creating this! I have used this knowledge to create a GTalk bot for way2sms. Add “way2sms.bot@gmail.com” and type ? to know more.

  259. Ashu Says:

    Same error is comming here……can u upload the latest sendSMS.php code in the URL at top.. Share the code you are using…. The downloaded code from the URL u’ve provided for SendSMS.php is not working, always there is Invalid login. Why is it comming..Thanks in advance

  260. ashish gupta Says:

    i hav to set internet access proxy and port.so where i can get port number & server name for access the services.

  261. Harsh Mahival Says:

    Some error is coming here……when i am deploying the application on my web server, i followed your instructions and create directory structures and do everything you said above but not working
    please check and reply me soon…..


    the url is:(password is not true here)

    error is:
    Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in /home/harshtra/public_html/sms/sendsms.php on line 36
    invalid login

  262. Ashu Says:

    I just put the sendSMS.php to my webserver under www in wamp, and its working neatly, but still im getting an error, while adding reference to the PHP web service wsdl, my .NET page is getting crashed in catch with saying “Request is not well-formed XML document”.i’ve re-written the sendSMS.php to return xml formatted data but still em not able to use this web service in my local, BTW by running the url as http://localhost:port/sendSMS.php/uid=no&pwd=pwd&phone=mobile&msg=HelloWorld is sending SMS, if anybody having the same problem kindly share his views. Tbanks.

  263. Rajeesh Kuthuparakkal Says:

    public static string Connect(string username, string password, out int status)
    status = 0;
    string cookie = “”;

    string uri = “”;
    string postData = “username=” + username + “&password=” + password;
    byte[] byteArray = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(postData);

    HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)HttpWebRequest.Create(“http://wwwd.way2sms.com/auth.cl”);

    request.Method = “POST”;
    // request.KeepAlive = true;
    request.AllowAutoRedirect = false;
    request.Accept = “*/*”;
    request.ContentType = “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”;
    request.Referer = “http://wwwd.way2sms.com/”;
    request.ContentLength = byteArray.Length;
    request.UserAgent = “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008120122 Firefox/3.0.5”;
    Stream dataStream = request.GetRequestStream();
    dataStream.Write(byteArray, 0, byteArray.Length);

    HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)request.GetResponse();
    WebHeaderCollection headers = response.Headers;

    if ((response.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.Found) ||
    (response.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.Redirect) ||
    (response.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.Moved) ||
    (response.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.MovedPermanently))
    // Get redirected uri
    uri = headers[“Location”];
    uri = uri.Trim();

    if (headers[“Set-Cookie”] != null)

    if (uri.IndexOf(“Main.jsp”) > 0)
    status = 1;
    cookie = headers[“Set-Cookie”];
    status = 2;
    status = 2;

    status = 3;
    catch { status = 4; }
    catch { status = 5; }

    return (cookie);

    */====Send SMS====*/
    public static string SendTo(string mobileNo, string message, string cookie)
    string oksent = “Error”;
    string postData = “HiddenAction=instantsms&login=&pass=&custid=undefined&MobNo=” + mobileNo + “&textArea=” + message;
    byte[] byteArray = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(postData);

    HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)HttpWebRequest.Create(“http://wwwd.way2sms.com/FirstServletsms?custid=”); ;
    request.Method = “POST”;
    request.AllowAutoRedirect = false;
    request.Accept = “*/*”;
    request.ContentType = “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”;
    request.ContentLength = byteArray.Length;
    request.Headers.Add(HttpRequestHeader.Cookie, cookie);
    request.UserAgent = “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008120122 Firefox/3.0.5”;
    Stream dataStream = request.GetRequestStream();
    dataStream.Write(byteArray, 0, byteArray.Length);
    HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)request.GetResponse();
    oksent = response.StatusCode.ToString();
    oksent = “Error”;


    catch { }
    return oksent;

  264. Vishnu Priyan Says:

    Hi Aswin Anand,
    Can you help me. I need to receive a sms and store in database and respond to the msg. I am searching this for more than 6 months but nothing works. Please Help me Please

  265. Senthil Says:

    Hi Aswin,
    First, i like to say thanks for what you doing here. Really it helps many of us.

    I need your help
    1) We are not able to track the send status corectly. when we repeat the send process 2 or more times, the status has both “done” and “invalid no” text attached to it. (Mob no is correct nd msg is also delivered)

    2) Can we handle sendSMSToManyCompleted event args,,,i tried but its not working.

    Kindly tell us ur suggestions !!!!! Thnks in advance.

  266. Maulik Gandhi Says:

    To Aswin Anand
    thanx a lot… for this page man…

    i have put it on my 110mb.com site and using through vb.net software.

    recently i have made a Gtalk bot that connects to that server so we can send sms diretly from Google talk or Gmail chat….
    it works great..all my friends love this bot..
    if u want 2 try
    add msg2india@gmail.com to ur chat list

    for more help

    thanx man…

  267. Arvind Says:

    Wonderfull job Ashwin,
    I tried ur work and its 90-95% reliable. however Sometimes i get the message as “invalid Login” and some time “Done” but no message arrived at handset. Any way many thnks for the web services. I need one more help, how could i send the flash sms using ur URL? i belive dcsdec=10 parameter for smsc gateway should work, but that is not in this case, hope ur ignoring any parameters sent in the URL other than basic 3 parameters. could you help me on this? (obviously way2sms should support this, isn’t it).


  268. Aswin Anand Says:

    Hello Arvind, I don’t think flash SMS can be sent through this.

  269. Bora Appala Reddy Says:

    Hi Aswin sir,
    I am getting benefit by using your service “http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=9933445566&pwd=password&phone= 9812345678;9933445566&msg=Hello+World” to send SMSes successfully. But suddenly it stopped working and giving error “Invalid login” from today afternoon. It seems way2sms might have modified their site. Would you please help me in this regard?
    Thank you sir.

  270. Sandesh Says:

    Hi Ashwin..

    This is Sandesh i was using your free sms service from past one week today suddnly it stoped working im facing same error which is specified by above blogger.Please help us in soving the error.

    with regards

  271. Aswin Anand Says:

    Hello Bora and Sandesh, thanks for bringing it to notice. I will check it out tonight and update.

  272. Sandesh Says:

    Hi Ashwin..
    Thanks allot now SMS service is working fine.I have one doubt about using your service im using
    Request.Redirect(“URL(That include web adress phone numb and message)”) in asp.net when i execute this line the page will navigate to URL’s page which displays done message and each time i need to press back button to return to calling page.Now my doubt is can i use your service without navigating to that page.Plese give me a solution for this.
    With Regards

  273. Akhil Says:

    Hi Ashwin..

    Hw r u..it’s a great webservice for sending sms..i m using ur webservice from last few weeks..it was working gud but from 2 days it’s showing some error. Some times it shows “Invalid Login” and sometimes “Done” but i didn’t get msg on my mobile phone..so can u tell me how to rectify this problem..Thanks in advance..looking for ur reply..


  274. Ashu Says:

    Yes u can do it. u just create a windows service and use webbrowser control there. then use webbrowser.url=new uri(“http://ashwin….”);

    and u’ve done it . :)…

    ashwin one ques to u, now the link is just showing done message but not delievering message, same with the php code, 3 days back they both were working….can u resolve it

  275. Bora Appala Reddy Says:

    Hi Aswin sir,
    Your site was not available from 01-dec-09 A/N to 03-dec-09 F/N. Now your site is available and your service seems to be working.
    “Done” appears but message is not being delivered.
    Sir, please help me in this regard.
    Thanks in advance.

  276. Devi Says:

    Hi aswin,
    I have made an application in asp.net which send sms using your webservice http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php
    it was working fine till two days before,but it is not working now.

    Could u help me and let me know whether there is any modifications in that web service.

  277. Ratnesh Says:

    i set up your code on my site but it give error

    Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in /home/a1022821/public_html/vipin/sendsms/sendsms.php on line 36

    I have downloaded your code, extract it in a folder(i.e. sendsms) under my root dirrector(public_html). now when i am running below code it display the above mentioned error.


    mynuber= some numeric 10 digits number
    mypassword= valid password

    Kindly help me.

  278. Vishnu Priyan Says:

    Hi Aswin,
    Thanks for your work. Its really brilliant. I am sending msg the done is coming but the msg is not been delivered so please check it out and help me.

    And also Can you tell whether we can hide sent via way2sms.com or any other solution like this please reply as soon as possible

    Hope your future be a good one. Best wishes

  279. Praneil Says:

    Hi Aswin,
    Thanks for updating ur sms service.. it is woking very good..
    But when i try to download new php or java code at ur homepage it displays this page…
    Please help me…

  280. Sandesh Says:

    Hi aswin…
    Your web service is parfectly fine now.But im unable to find the exact relation ship between your web service then way to SMS and also im using refrence to http://webservices.net/SendFreeSMS web service.In my project im using a COM which conatin a SendFreeSMS class wen i cal that it will send an SMS and I Wanted the details about COM sice im first time using this web service

  281. Bora Appala Reddy Says:

    Hi Aswin sir,
    Thank you very much. Now your service is working fine.
    Keep good work and helping us.
    With regards.

  282. vinnuSoft Says:

    hi aswin
    its a grt work to develop a web-service for the way2sms
    but from last 2 days i am unable to send any messages to my frnds or even to my own no….
    every thing that i mentioned are perfectly correct only
    but whts the problem i dnt know…
    suppose if enter incorrect pwd it is saying invalid login
    after sms is submitted “done” response is displayed but the sms is not delivered

    plz slove my problem


  283. Deepu Raj Says:

    Hi Aswin,

    i want to inform you that the way2sms modified some files ans so the sms is not sending.

    and from my investigation i found the solution for that.

    so plz pass this information to all they using ur greate service.

    find the following line fron the sendsms.php and replace it with this

    curl_setopt ($curl, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, “HiddenAction=instantsms&login=&pass=&custid=undefined&Action=custfrom50000&MobNo=” . $p . “&textArea=” . $msg);

    way2sms Adds a new Hidden field in “InstantSMS.jsp” page

    “Action=custfrom50000” so u need to add this for working the service.

    visit my site for the new file


  284. Deepu Raj Says:

    sorry the link was http://downloads.samplephpcodes.com/sendsms.zip

  285. Ratnesh Says:

    Hi Aswin Sir, I will be really appreciate if you will see into my matter which i have mentioned in my earlier post. Kindly look into the problem. Thanks a lot

  286. Aswin Anand Says:

    Ratnesh, depending on your php.ini configuration, you will see warnings. Refer to http://php.net for documentation on how to configure your php.ini file. Then you won’t see those warnings.

  287. Ratnesh Says:

    Aswin sir, actually i have an ftp account and i won’t access php.ini file directly. when i put the above mentioned URL into the browser’s address bar the below warrings came out and it shows ‘invalid login’, however my username and password for way2sms is absolutely correct.

    Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in /home/a1022821/public_html/vipin/sendsms/sendsms.php on line 36

    invalid login

    Kindly advice.

  288. Pritish Says:

    Hi aswin,

    i am very very thankful to you for providing the idea to get into way2sms.com, i tried it and it was really amazing
    script, thanks a lot,
    i was searching for this script from last 2 weeks, and i got it.

    regards, pritish

  289. Ratnesh Says:

    Dear Aswin Sir, i would really appreciate if you will help me to resolve the above mentioned problem.

    Looking forward to hear from you. lots of thanks..

  290. sathish Says:

    great and wonderfull help u did, can u say how to invoke a function of php when in htmll button is clicked….

  291. Aswin Anand Says:

    Ratnesh, that’s a problem with your web host. Please check with them.

  292. Ratnesh Says:

    Okay. I will check with my host. Thanks a lot.

  293. mani Says:


    great .. its working….
    excellent web service information…..
    thanks for valuable information

  294. Rajesh Says:

    Free Service Really sucks. Go for a paid one to get quality in sending sms. Aswin anand this is waste. Your brain thinks in a worst way

  295. dinesh Says:

    Hi Aswin,

    How i create free sms website with own sms server. How setup this site? any cost for SMS gateway (GPRS)…

  296. Brijesh Says:

    Dear Aswin,

    I’m using sms url service from past two months.
    http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=9933445566&pwd=password&phone= 9812345678;9933445566&msg=Hello+World

    It was working gr8. But now I have started getting “invalid login”. Can you please have a look into it… It seems way2sms protocol got changed?

    Best regards

  297. kinshuk Says:

    hey its not working

  298. Bora Appala Reddy Says:

    Hi Aswin sir,
    Again your SMS service is not responding. I hope you must be doing some maintenace job on this service.
    If not, kindly look into this and pl. do needful sir.
    Thnanks in advance.

  299. Rajeesh Kuthuparakkal Says:

    Dear Guys,

    I would like to share the .net application(a desktop client for Way2sms.com). Its working fine.

    If interested, pls contact me kuthuparakkal@gmail.com

    -Rajeesh Kuthuparakkal

  300. Manu Says:

    http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=9933445566&pwd=password&phone= 9812345678;9933445566&msg=Hello+World

    Not working :(

  301. Manu Says:

    I tired it on my site http://www.manups.co.cc/sms/sendsms.php

  302. Lalit Says:

    Thanks its working. but i want to delete extra text from end of the message like way visit- way2sms.com.
    i want to remove this text is it possible?

  303. abc Says:

    hi ur webservice is not working as of now

  304. Somnath Says:


    Not working way2sms.com not support

  305. Free SMS Web Service Updated – 2 | Waves Says:

    […] December 4th, 2009 Free SMS Web Service Updated – 2Update: There seems to be some problem when the API is being accessed from my domain. Kindly try hosting the script in your own domains. […]

  306. vasu Says:

    Hi Aswin sir,
    I am getting benefit by using your service “http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=9933445566&pwd=password&phone= 9812345678;9933445566&msg=Hello+World” to send SMSes successfully. But suddenly it stopped working and giving error “Invalid login” from today afternoon. It seems way2sms might have modified their site. Would you please help me in this regard?
    Thank you sir.

  307. samraj Says:

    i have uploaded all the necessary files..but it prompt invalid login…can u help me….

  308. gm reddy Says:

    hi, getting same problem from my domain also. kindly do something

  309. PIYUSH SINGH Says:


  310. Bora Appala Reddy Says:

    Hi Aswin sir,
    Your SMS service started working on Monday i.e.14-dec-09 but again started giving problem with a feed back “Invalid login”.
    What to do in such cases. Can you please suggest any alternative way?

  311. Rajesh Says:

    hello aswin sir,

    Your SMS service was working before 5-6 days,now its giving me error that sendsms page not found it was working before few days. i want to send sms from my application so please help me. how can i use this service in c#.net windows application to send sms.

    What to do in such cases. Can you please suggest any alternative way?

  312. Balu Says:

    I have used this sample to send SMS by changing parameters. http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=9933445566&pwd=password&phone= 9812345678;9933445566&msg=Hello+World
    This was working fine upto 15th Dec 2009.but this is not working now. Can you please resolve this.this was very helpful, it is showing as invalid credentials.

  313. vasu Says:

    its not working now…is it reliable?

  314. Sandesh Says:

    Your eeb service is not working.Can make it work…

    Tahnk You

  315. Vishnu Priyan Says:

    This is really waste waste waste jus buy some credits and use them to send sms with sender ID too. Jus go to smslane.comm. also they have HTTP API which helps to send sms from your site automatically. The credits starts from Rs.120 for 500 sms.

  316. Balu Says:

    Can you please let us know the time frame to resolve this.


  317. Bora Appala Reddy Says:

    It can not be waste. No, not at all. The idea is very great. One can learn some thing from such stuff. I personally have adopted this URL in my intranet site and benifitted much. Paid services may give reliable service, but it is not great idea. The people like Mr. Aswin should be appreciated for their great and free services from which many people got benifitted as seen through above blogs.
    Hats off to Aswin sir for his great work.

  318. ramesh Says:

    hi aswin sir…m an mca student..i hav used ur service for my project..it was working nicely..but frm two days its not working..please check..tomorrow is our exm sir..please help…kindly requesting u…thanking u…

  319. Maulik Gandhi Says:

    Hello Aswin,

    Can make some change in the code that it detects that message is sent or not using status shown in sent sms tab in way2sms site?

    becoz many times it happens that due to some changes in way2sms msg is not delivered and it shows done..

  320. Deepu Raj Says:

    Hi Maulik Gandhi,

    i made the script to return the status if is submitted successfully or faild.

    plz find the file from the following url


    visit http://.samplephpcodes.com for regular updates on this script

  321. Deepu Raj Says:

    hello everybody i have fixed the lates bugs to the way2sms web service.

    you can use the following link to post the sms


    or download the latest fix


    i have included the sms sumitted status reply

  322. BHAVNISH Says:

    I am unable to send method by both methods.Can u plz help me…….

  323. Vishnu Kiran Says:

    Hi Aswin,

    It seems Jubin has fixed the issue in his app. Could you also please do the same and release the new code to host in our site.


  324. mani Says:

    kindly let us know when the service will come back…This was working fine upto 12th Dec 2009.but this is not working now. Can you please resolve this

  325. Maulik Gandhi Says:

    Hi Deepu Raj,
    Nice fix…. all works fine with the fixes..

    it seems that wwwd.way2sms.com server is not working properly.. even i cant send sms from that site(d)..

    you can try wwwk.way2sms its working fine…
    just replace wwwd with wwwk… (or wwwc any many other)

    but wat will happen if they add one extra hidden feild in that form ?

  326. Maulik Gandhi Says:

    and one more thing
    when message is sent
    it gives &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp…
    how to remove this i have searched in code but cant find..
    i m not showing that response on webpage it is sent to IM..
    so it cant show space in place of &nbsp..
    i m biginner with php so suggest me a method to remove this &nbsp..

  327. ramkumar Says:

    Hi Deepu,

    i tried your url. its working fine.
    kindly provide the WSDL related files in your server.
    i just want to uset that wsdl url as webservice.


  328. mani Says:

    i m awaiting for ur sms service for long time and pl let us to tell when will the service come back…it was working fine upto 12 th dec 09…now its throwing error ‘invalid login’ from last ten days…

  329. Deepu Raj Says:

    Hi Maulik Gandhi,

    I have fixed your issue regarding the spaces in the responce,You can use this url http://mobile.samplephpcodes.com/sendsms.php

    You can use this script for a long period i will make the appropricate changes when way2sms changes. Bcause i m also a regular user of this script

    if u need any assistance mail me .

  330. Chandramohan Says:

    when i accessing from web portal, i am able to log in and send sms from web portal. but i can’t send sms using web services. please help.

  331. Maulik Says:

    Sir, you service was working fine 1 month ago but now it throws error of In-Valid Login. I am usin your service from ASP.Net using your Webservice.Please resolve this issue.

  332. Deepu Raj Says:

    Dear Ramkumar,

    As per your request i have made the WSDL related files in my server. Now you can use the service. Find the followig url


    if u hav any problem you can post your queries..

  333. karthik Says:

    its not working from last 2 weeks
    invalid login
    plzzzzzzzzzzz give a solution

  334. Maulik Gandhi Says:

    Hi Deepu Raj,

    plz give me that source sendsms.php(no &nbsp ) because i cant redirect my usage to ur page becoz of javascript alert and font which is not supported :(

    nd I can find ur email-Id here or on ur website…
    Thanx for ur kind support….

    Happy New Year to All in Advance……

  335. Deepu Raj Says:


    ♥♪♫♪ H@pPy nEw YeAr ♪♫♪♥ to All

    I found another change sin way2sms site in the login page and some of their servers started to block the ip.
    i have make the lates fix and u can access it from the following url

    for further asistence mail:- info@samplephpcodes.com

    use the url to post ur sms


    or download the latest fixed code


    visit http://wwww.samplephpcodes for more script

  336. Vijaya Kumar Says:

    Currently this code saying as invalid login. Any changes in way2sms API. Please tell me. Thanks in advance.

  337. Maulik Gandhi Says:

    and this service taking too much time now page takes even 1 min or more to send message(on any server your or mine )…
    This happens from last 2 days….
    There may be some changes in way2sms.but cannot track the problem…
    plz fix it as soon as possible…

  338. Deepu Raj Says:


    ♥♪♫♪ H@pPy nEw YeAr ♪♫♪♥ to All

    I found another change sin way2sms site in the login page and some of their servers started to block the ip.
    i have make the lates fix and u can access it from the following url

    for further asistence mail:- info@samplephpcodes.com

    use the url to post ur sms


    or download the latest fixed code


  339. Parth Says:

    I am facing issue,
    1. IT is taking too long to execute SMS code.
    2. It is not showing in Sent Item on way2sms site.
    3. Its not reaching to the people, to which i am sending.

    Please help me out with this.


  340. Deepu Raj Says:

    Dear Maulik Gandh,

    plz find the souce code you wanted.


  341. Bora Appala Reddy Says:

    Hi Deepu Raj,
    Thanks for your service. It is working fine. Good work. Keep helping us.


    Respected Sir,
    I am a software engineer and working on asp.net with C#. But i have one problem to sending sms through C# window application. If this sms webservice is working in window application or not.Please reply

    Thank you,

  343. Rajeesh Kuthuparakkal Says:


    Pls get Desktop Client for Way2SMS.com @


  344. Rajeesh Kuthuparakkal Says:


    Pls get Desktop Client for Way2SMS.com @


  345. Muthu Prabhu Says:

    your Web service Dosent Works Now! Pls Check it!

  346. Amit Kumar Srivastava Says:

    Your Web Services are not working Please Check it.

  347. Chandra Sekar Says:

    You have given the required files list as like this. But the download link contains only sendsms.php. Is that php file alone enough to send sms?
    * sms/
    o sendsms.php
    o htmlparser.inc (optional)
    o nusoap/
    + class.nusoap_base.php
    + class.soap_transport_http.php
    + class.wsdlcache.php
    + class.soap_fault.php
    + class.soap_val.php
    + class.xmlschema.php
    + class.soap_parser.php
    + class.soapclient.php
    + class.soap_server.php
    + class.wsdl.php
    + nusoapmime.php
    + nusoap.php

    I am getting error as
    Call to undefined function curl_init()
    Call to undefined function curl_setopt()

    Help me to correct my problem

  348. Chandra Sekar Says:

    sorry. i found that nusoap. But still i am getting the foollowing errors
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init()
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_setopt()

    I checked the php source code. but curl_init() and curl_setopt() functions are not there.

  349. piyush Says:

    Invalid login

  350. piyush Says:

    It gives error Invalid login
    Not work properly
    please check it
    n give fast Reply

  351. Chandra Sekar Says:

    Hi. Once again sorry. That error was due to the host domain. Now i changed my domain. Now its not showing any error. Its shows “DONE” but i didnt receive any sms. I also checked the sent items in way2sms.com. There was no sent sms.
    (But i checked by giving wrong password. it shown me invalid login.) So i think the login is working. Sending sms code is not working. Help to to send successful sms.

  352. Senthil Kumar Says:

    Hi Aswin,
    We are using your sms jar into our application. It has been worked past few months. but few days not working getting Connection timed out in the given URL http://wwwd.way2sms.com/auth.cl.

    please let me know what the problem is.

    Thanks in advance.


  353. Santosh Says:

    Dear Aswin,

    I’m using sms web services in my ASP.NET Application service from past two months.It was working fine. But now I have started getting “invalid login”. Can you please have a look into it… It seems way2sms protocol got changed?
    So if you have some idea or source code can you kindlly send to resolve thik problem…

    Best Regards
    Santosh Sahu

  354. Nishant Kumar Says:

    Please help me in sending the sms from ur cde..
    I am getting unknown host exception at the line

    pw = new PrintWriter(new OutputStreamWriter(uc.getOutputStream()), true);

    Need urgent help..
    tnks in advance

  355. Natarajan Says:


    i did as u told, the result is shows done. but the sms is not reached the destination. what can i do? i have way2sms login id and password. i sent an sms to my friend no. the result says done. but the sms is not reached the destination correctly. what can i do? please give me ur support.

    with regards

  356. Guru Says:

    I think the code is not supporting the SMS Gateway on way2sms.com.
    Pl suggest any other way.

  357. Arun Says:

    I too face the same issue.
    Any fix ?

    Any other alternate ways.

  358. jayesh Says:

    my script is not now working whats problem ?can u reply me at my email ID?

  359. Anoop Says:

    I tried using the code.i reistered in way2sms too but still saying invalid login while using the same username and password

  360. sundeep Says:

    Hi ashwin,
    I tried to use your webservice as shown in method one after creating an account in way2sms.but even after giving the correct credentials it says invalid login.What could be the problem.

  361. Deepu Raj Says:

    Hello Users,

    Plz use the following script will resolve the problem


    or download the latest fixed code


  362. Vsj Says:

    hi.. SMS service isnt working.. kindly look into it.. thanks for ur efforts…

  363. Senthil Says:

    Hi Aswin,
    We got invlalid login for past few days. It can be solved or not. Please resolve our queries. Atlest send what the problem in API or Webservice?.

  364. Aswin Anand Says:

    Senthil, an announcement is coming soon :)

  365. Anand Says:

    hi brother,
    i am trying your web service to send sms it not working fine i tried with the URL given by u and replaced my way2sms id and tried but its returning error message as invalid login

    Please help me on this
    With regards,

  366. Arthanari Says:


    I solved that error.. Now i m getting the following error.. can u help me..

    SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception
    java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL: http://wwwd.way2sms.com/auth.cl
    at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(Unknown Source)
    at org.apache.jsp.sendsms_jsp._jspService(sendsms_jsp.java:145)
    at org.apache.jasper.runtime.HttpJspBase.service(HttpJspBase.java:70)
    at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:717)
    at org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServletWrapper.service(JspServletWrapper.java:374)
    at org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet.serviceJspFile(JspServlet.java:342)
    at org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet.service(JspServlet.java:267)
    at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:717)
    at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.internalDoFilter(ApplicationFilterChain.java:290)
    at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.doFilter(ApplicationFilterChain.java:206)
    at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardWrapperValve.invoke(StandardWrapperValve.java:233)
    at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContextValve.invoke(StandardContextValve.java:191)
    at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardHostValve.invoke(StandardHostValve.java:128)
    at org.apache.catalina.valves.ErrorReportValve.invoke(ErrorReportValve.java:102)
    at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardEngineValve.invoke(StandardEngineValve.java:109)
    at org.apache.catalina.connector.CoyoteAdapter.service(CoyoteAdapter.java:293)
    at org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11Processor.process(Http11Processor.java:849)
    at org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11Protocol$Http11ConnectionHandler.process(Http11Protocol.java:583)
    at org.apache.tomcat.util.net.JIoEndpoint$Worker.run(JIoEndpoint.java:454)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

  367. Dibakar Says:

    Hi Aswin,
    pls resolve this issue quickly as i am facing same problem after giving correct user id and pwd it is saying “invalid login”.
    Though “http://mobile.samplephpcodes.com/sendsms.php” url giving by Deepu Raj is sending sms,but throwing a error like “Client found response content type of ‘text/html’, but expected ‘text/xml'”.
    Pls solve.

  368. hiral Says:

    I tried to use the url with my username and password..But its always says invalid login..Can you help me out.

  369. Jai Says:


    Nice work

  370. Sumit Says:

    I was able to send the sms and recieve it as well by hosting it in my domain.

  371. pratik Says:

    I tried to use the code with my username and password..But its always says invalid login.
    I have also tried by hosting it in my domain but still problem remains same.

    Can you help me .

  372. Karthick Says:

    Hi buddy,

    i tried using provided url to send sms but not worked for me. i dont know what would be the problem. could you help me out on this.

  373. Karthick Says:

    I can able to send sms using this url http://mobile.samplephpcodes.com/sendsms.php. the link provided by aswin throwing error as invalid login. hi buddy please solve the issue

    thanks in advance

  374. Deepu Raj Says:

    hello Karthick ,

    U can Send sms using this url


    its working fine all the time.

    I have also made the WSDL for accessing it from various platforms.

    Thanks for your query.

  375. Deepu Raj Says:

    Hello Dibakar,

    I have setuped the WSDL Library in my domain so that u can access the url from any platform.
    plz verify if it is wroking now.

    Plz post the details if any issues…


  376. Arun Kumar Says:

    i have download the ‘nusoap’ and installed in my web server . it worked but no sms was sent after displaying the done msg

  377. Arun Kumar Says:

    could any help / tell what should i do now

  378. raki Says:

    Hi dude,
    Its really great job, yaar i tried this some days before its fine. but now its not working please check and let me know. please cc to mail mailid also.
    I dot ‘done’ message but message was not getting to the receiver.
    please check & let me know how to solve the issue.

  379. karthick Says:

    i have mentioned that this url http://mobile.samplephpcodes.com/sendsms.php is working for sms. it is occassionaly working. not delivering the sms. What could be the cause. i have used this url in my AppCode .cs file.

  380. daljeet Says:

    hi aswin….

    i use ur url but its not working it return invalid login….but the thing is i fill corect uid and password….

  381. venkat Says:

    this is with way2sms only

    can u make the same script for some more sites like 160by2.com etc

  382. amarjeet Says:

    This script is showing invalid login. i have used saveral logins and before this. it was wrking very fine.

    Can you give me solution

  383. Ritesh Shrivastava Says:

    i m getting successfully login with my userid and password but when i use “http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=way2smsuid&pwd=way2smspwd&phone=9820525216&msg=Hello+World” it shows invalid login
    please give me solution

  384. Ritesh Shrivastava Says:

    i m getting error message “invalid login” using my way2sms login and password, but it is working in way2sms.com

  385. akhil Says:

    hello guys,
    can u help me… I am using php…
    but in sendsms.php it shows
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in C:\xampp\htdocs\test\sendsms\sendsms.php on line 24
    Please suggest me why this error is coming…
    could u please send me too all the details in my e-mail:

  386. akhil Says:

    Yar i have used this in my website:http://www.gurufurniture.co.uk/sendsms/sendsms.php
    But i have not got any message…while done written is coming on the page…

  387. Ashish Shah Says:

    Hi I am trying your code which is in blog but not succeed any reason for that? I m trying sending msg using direct url and get invalid login and i have way2sms login.

  388. Sachin Says:

    showing invalid login

  389. Balu Says:

    Hi SMS sending is ot working from http://mobile.samplephpcodes.com
    Please address this..

  390. Bora Appala Reddy Says:

    Hi Deepu raj,
    Thanks for providing great sms service. I have been using your url http://mobile.samplephpcodes.com/sendsms.php?uid=…&pwd=…&phone=…&msg=…
    But to-day onwards it is giving message “invalid login” though it is working directly in way2sms site.
    Please resolve this.
    Thanks in advance.

  391. Maulik_Gandhi Says:

    Hello Deepu Raj,

    I am using ur http://mobile.samplephpcodes.com/sendsms.php for sending SMS for my addons and chat bots. but its not working from last “2 days”..
    hope u will fix it as soon as possible
    you can see my google chrome extension https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/kkajdolllabkkdfolgjamkocmoijegja for sending sms.
    Thank you,

  392. bhavnish Says:

    I have been using your url http://mobile.samplephpcodes.com/sendsms.php
    but from the last 5 days it is not delivering sms.
    please solve it…

  393. Bora Appala Reddy Says:

    Hi Ashwin sir,
    I have been using your url http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=…&pwd=…&phone=…&msg=
    http://mobile.samplephpcodes.com/sendsms.php?uid=…&pwd=…&phone=…&msg=… also.

    But for the last 3 days, both the URLs have been giving message “invalid login” though it is working directly in way2sms site.
    It would be great help if you solve this problem.
    Thanks in advance.

  394. Naresh Says:

    same message (“invalid login” ) here..
    Please resolve this..

  395. Chithira Says:

    hi…. the code doesnt works in my system’s php server too… it neither shows error nor sends msg.. kindly update soon…

  396. mustafa Says:

    hi im mustafa
    I have been using http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php
    as a web reff in my c# app but m not getting msg 2 my moblie i have writen this code

    com.aswinanand.www.SendSMS s = new smb.com.aswinanand.www.SendSMS();
    s.sendSMSToMany(“9889526588″,”xyz”,textBox1.text, textBox2.Text);
    MessageBox.Show(“msg sent”);
    plzzzzzz help me out

  397. Balu Says:

    Is anyone trying to resolve this issue??

  398. Aman Says:

    Not working in ASP.NET

    i am using this code:

    Dim a As New com.aswinanand.www.SendSMS

    Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
    a.sendSMSToMany(“Put my user ID”, “Password here”, “put here Number to send to”, ” hello this is message”)
    End Sub

    No errors are coming but the message is not sended

  399. Aman Says:

    Every thing is fine, no errors are coming during compilation no warning. but message is not sending!!!!!!!!

  400. www.taarruni.com Says:

    Can I use this for providing service to my clients?

  401. madhan Says:

    still the both urls have been giving message “invalid login” though it is working directly in way2sms site..
    pls check it

  402. sushil Says:

    hey i guess everyone getting the same error as invalid user. i can login to way2sms.com & able to send sms.when i used this web service it showing me invalid user. i used that both web services…
    its quite frustating.. plz help

  403. Swapnil Jokhakar Says:

    Hey, i have used your webservice in my project related to sending sms in asp.net.
    it works properly till today but when i tried today it provides message “invalid login”.
    If you have any solution for this then please reply or please remove the problem from the webservice and is there any other way to use your phpcode directly in my asp.net project.
    please reply because I am studying in M.C.A and i have to submit this project in April so please reply………..

  404. Swapnil Jokhakar Says:

    please man resolve the problem of http://mobile.samplephpcodes.com/sendsms.php
    webservice as soon as possible.

  405. Swapnil Jokhakar Says:

    hey man please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  406. shadyabhi Says:

    Hey.. I am entering the correct id and password and I am getting “invalid login” error…

  407. sunil Says:

    hi everyone,

    i’m using the visual studio 2008. i’m using ur sms webservice. but it is now not working. it is throwing the exception like the operation is aborted. sms is being not sent..

  408. gurunathan Says:


    cant able to access using this link,,plz help me

  409. Deepu raj Says:

    Hello users,

    sorry for the long delay for the resolution of the problem..

    I have corrected the problem with the url and now its working fine..


    please check and update me if any problem…

    Deepu Raj

  410. Swapnil Jokhakar Says:

    hey man its working.
    did you solve the problem?
    its grate.
    and thanks.

  411. Deepu Raj Says:

    Hello Swapnil Jokhakar,

    Yes i have resolved the problem……
    sorry for the long delay…….

    Deepu Raj

  412. Abhinav Says:

    Is you webservise still working ?

    I am getting Invalid login error…

    please let me know where I am doing wrong. and I have use same username and password as I have in way2sms

  413. Bora Appala Reddy Says:

    Hello Deepu sir,
    Your URL http://mobile.samplephpcodes.com/sendsms.php?uid=…&pwd=…&phone=…&msg=… is working now. You maight have set it right.
    Thank you very….much for this support.
    Keep helping in future.

  414. Sandeep Says:

    Dear Aswinanand,
    I am new to to this website of yours, I was amazed to know that anyone can send free sms from your website using methods stated above, I am still studying and learning each and every thing on your website and want to implement some of the things on my website.
    Please let me know how can I send mp3 ringtones using this sms service to my own mobile or others mobile whom i know so that it can be saved and used.

  415. Balaji Says:

    I try to put your code as per instructions, But it shows “invalid login”, I don’t know what to do, can you help me.
    Thanks in Advance.

  416. Prakash Says:


    I was using the method 1(webservice) and it was working fine. but for the past few days it says invalid login, but i able to login at way2sms by using same username and password. kindly help me to slove this issue..

  417. sunil Says:

    hiiiiiiii the wsdl service is not working with my application.. what to do… some one help me …. thanks in advance

  418. Tanik Says:

    Working Link:

  419. Pavan Says:

    can u please update the php, my application will not go any further unless you help out..

  420. Satish Says:

    Hi Ashwin,

    I tried to send SMS using my way2sms login id and password, but I am getting message that “invalid login”. I am not getting reason why I am getting this message, even if my login is valid on way2sms site.

    I am using web service which you have provided:



  421. Bora Appala Reddy Says:

    Dear Mr. Tanik,
    Thank you for providing the following working link.


    Thanks once again.

  422. Bikash Says:

    Hi Ashwin,

    I tried to send SMS using my way2sms login id and password, but currently I am getting message that “invalid login”. I am not getting reason why I am getting this message, even if my login is valid on way2sms site.previously same login id and password works perfecly

  423. Priyanka Says:

    Hi Ashwin,

    m also getting the same error as Invalid login while using ur URL.

    please reply.
    m w8ing..

  424. Gagan Says:

    hi Mr. Tanik plz tell how to do login on by my own site,
    i have copy the code give on this site but it is not working.

  425. Priyanka Says:

    Hi Ashwin,

    m getting the same error as Invalid Login while using ur mentioned URL in my application.

    please reply..
    m w8ing

  426. sushil Says:

    awesome tanik….
    thanku very much

  427. Nitesh Says:

    Hi if anyone having .net code plz put it here i m unable to use this sms service from my .net application.


  428. Raghavendra Says:

    Y are you changing sms api link regularly?

  429. Sanket Says:

    HI Ashiwin,
    I started with using the url you provided to send sms it was working fine. Now i gives me invalid login even when the login is correct. I checked with my other friends same problem. Can you check in the issue?

  430. Asim Shariff Says:

    Hii Ashwin,

    I wanna know any webservices which are eable to send International sms, I need it as most of the users are not from india.

    Please Kindly help me………….

  431. Asim shariff Says:

    Hii Ashwin,

    The Sms code is not working…….

    Even the URL :

    not working

    Error :

    invalid login

    And when I login in Way2sms with the same username and password . I am able to login

  432. Sagar Says:

    Hii Ashwin I m not able 2 Use Ur Way2sms ka Webservice the Mess r not being Send I hav Tried Everything Is The Web Service Still Active ??

  433. Pratik Says:

    I tried First Method but not Working..
    It show invalid login..
    But i have pass correct…
    Plz Solve it

  434. Sandy Says:

    Dear Aswinanand,
    Please let me know how can I send mp3 ringtones along with small text msgs using this sms service to my own mobile or others mobile.

  435. Vinith Thomas Says:

    Hello Ashwin,
    I wanted to know the latest webservice that can be used to send free sms in asp.net c# application
    please reply soon i have to demonstrate it within a week

  436. Salim Says:

    Is there any way to use this script from Bangladesh. What I have to do. thanks in advance

  437. Tanik Says:

    I have hosted and made some modification in script.
    You can use following script to send sms.

    working link:-

  438. alpesh ramani Says:

    HI alpesh
    I started with using the url you provided to send sms it was working fine. Now i gives me invalid login even when the login is correct. I checked with my other friends same problem. Can you check in the issue?

    login and password correct but not login and sms send pls solve problem

  439. bhavnish Says:

    its working….

  440. CoolbigB Says:

    Hi Tanik,

    I would like to host the modified script on my own domain.
    Could you please allow it for download?


  441. Sumeet Says:

    Invalid login…….
    Even if login info is right…………??????

    PLEASE HELP…………..

  442. Neeta Singh Says:

    Hi Tanik, :)

    I am using ur domain to send sms……

    I want to send them through my own domain……

    send me the modification in the script OR the source file to my email sexyneeta.singh1@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance

    Waitin for ur reply….:))

  443. Abhinandan Says:

    ERROR: Invalid Login.

    Please resolve this issue.

  444. law Says:

    hi aswin,
    i am unable to send sms using php code provided could u kindly let me know if its still working!

  445. Tanik Says:

    Abhinandan u can use following link:-


    my e-mail id: tanik_kukreja@rediffmail.com

  446. anant Says:

    is this webservice is not supporting now
    saying server is not available

  447. Tarun Says:

    dear sir your api is not working give the following msg ……..Invalid login

  448. sawan Says:

    hi ashwin

    i’m using your web service in my asp.net application but its not working and give the following msg… “invalid login”. i’m using http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?wsdl. plz help me buddy.

  449. anup Says:

    now its working or not

  450. gaamaa Says:

    Any one has VB6 code to send SMS via Way2SMS account ?
    It must be a stand alone code without using php files on some other server. There are some C# code available on the net. But I need VB6 code.

  451. Tanik Says:

    Send Unlimited full 160 characher sms from ur fullonsms.com id.

    Create id on http://www.fullonsms.com and use following api to send sms.

    http://haryanaithub.com/sendfullonsms.php?uid=fullonsmsuserid&pwd=password&phone=receiver mobile no&msg=message


  452. Payal Says:


    I am using ur URL for sending message but its give me “Invalid Login” can u please tell me what to do ??
    Thanks in advance. :)

  453. Hari Says:

    Hi Tanik,

    Can you please provide the WSDL which can be used for the service http://haryanaithub.com/sendfullonsms.php.

    Thanking you in advance,

  454. mustafa Says:

    hiiii tanik
    can u send me full source code on webfire666@gmail.com
    plzzzz thnks

  455. Ubaid Says:

    doesnt work anymore :(

  456. rushatbolt Says:

    can you give j2me code 4 it plzzz thanx

  457. Sandeep Says:

    Hello Everyone

    i have 10 mobile no. in my database & by using $rows[‘mobile’]; the no. is retrived
    but i want to give this no. to single string like
    $phone = $rows[‘mobile’];

    it take only one mobile no. not all .

    So any one know how to give all mobile no. to $phone ?
    i want all the no. in single string for sending sms to all 10 no. at a time.

  458. tanik Says:

    Hi Sandeep

    mail me for solution @ tanik_kukreja@rediffmail.com.
    I will send u PHP code.

    tanik kukreja

  459. Ubaid Says:

    Hi aswinanand, extremely thank you for the script. made my day. however, way2sms has changed a few things since you wrote the script. i have made those changes, and i am giving this file for download. its just a modified version of your file. you can download it from here.


    A big thank you, once again.

    Note : This is the working script, download it and use it on your servers. the usage of this file is exactly as mentioned above by aswinanand.

  460. Ratnesh Says:

    Hi Aswin,

    Thanks for this script. Its really amazing.

    While i am trying this, its give me an erro as mention below:

    done invalid number;

    i am using the URL like below mentioned:


    i am not understanding that why this error comes. Please help to resolve this. I will be so kind of you.


  461. tanik Says:

    Hi ubed
    Great Work!
    But ur scrip does not work on numbers. i.e numbers registered from haryana.i think u have tested it only on your number try testing from any other number of other state.
    does not work.

    Working Link:

  462. tanik Says:

    Hi ubed
    Great Work!
    But ur scrip does not work on all numbers. i.e numbers registered from haryana. may be any other state. if u have tested it only on your number try testing from any other number of other state.
    does not work.

    Working Link:

  463. Deepu Raj Says:


    I found another change sin way2sms site in the login page and some of their servers started to block the ip.
    i have make the lates fix and u can access it from the following url

    for further asistence mail:- info@samplephpcodes.com

    use the url to post ur sms


    or download the latest fixed code


  464. Deepu Raj Says:

    Hello Users

    This is the fullonsms WSDL


    u can use it anytime.


  465. Shridhar Says:

    Hi Aswin,

    I tried to send the sms using the links and also using the php file but both failed. What could be the reason.

  466. Ratnesh Says:

    Hi Aswin Sir,

    Thanks for this script. Its really amazing.

    While i am trying this, its give me an error as mention below:

    done invalid number;

    i am using the URL like below mentioned:


    i am not geting that why this error comes. Please help to resolve this. I will be so kind of you.


  467. avinash Says:

    How to save an incoming SMS in a SharePoint 2010 list and then process on that SMS and auto reply back with the matched content back to the sender ? Does anybody have any idea about this ?

    Basically I want to develop a SMS based online dictionary .
    User will send a SMS containing an unknown word ( for e.g. Spanish word ) to the short code provided by Website and then Short code provider will forward that SMS to OMS ( OutLook’s/SharePoint’s inbuilt feature = Office Mobile Service , with which you can send SMS/ e-mail alerts) Provider .

    OMS service provider will forward that SMS to dont know to whom , I am totally unaware about this thing .. But from whatever destination that SMS may reach , it should be saved into SharePoint List . SharePoint List will contain a Wordlist and meanings of those words … then Search should take place where meaning of that word should be matched and then a new SMS should be generated and it should be sent back to Sender Number via the same path through which it was received.

    Does anybody have any idea about my requirement and how should I approach to the solution of this particular project . My team Leader wants a POC of this project and not a complete project .. just for showing something to the customer ..

    I have been searching for this thing since last 10 days or so and so far I have found no viable solution for this . I am a new SharePoint developer ( totally beginner ) and I have no what so ever idea about this thing . If it was in ASP.NET then I would have used web services and APIs given by various site and would have developed this solution .. BUT SharePoint seems to be an alien thing to me ..

    I AM SO HELPLESS and I NEED and urgent HELP .. Has anyone developed simmilar solution in the past …

  468. sivaraj Says:

    Hi Aswin,

    i want to delete ‘sent via way2sms’ in body of the sms, is it possible?

  469. Tanik Says:

    If u r intrested in SMS based autoreply online dictionary.

    i have developed many auto reply applications.

    if ur requirement is autoreply through free sms gateway.i can help u.

    my mail id is: tanik_kukreja@rediffmail.com


  470. crea Says:

    I am trying to use the code. I followed the instructions given above but i am facing problem.
    Its giving the message “invalid login”
    Please help me

  471. Sam Says:

    http://www.smstau.com give you free sms services. you can send free sms or free sms online to any mobile in india.

  472. Sandeep Says:

    Hi avinash
    if you want to provide information whatever sender send it to you then i have one application.

    i have created one application for trace indian mobile no.
    just type TRACE & send it to 56767888.

    I think you want something like this.

    my mail id is sandeep_cooll@yahoo.in

    – Sandeep

  473. ramakrishna Says:

    hi Aswin,

    i run the sendsms.php file but it shows the

    “invalid_request Usage: Refer to http://www.aswinanand.com/blog/2008/07/send-free-sms-web-service/ for more informaiton. ”
    this error i put the my way2sms uid and password but it not display it shows error could you please help me.
    and in in the nusoap download folder there no php files all are html files how could i get my own website name insted of ur site name.
    please help me
    thanks and regards

  474. Sandeep Says:

    Hi avinash

    if you want to provide information whatever sender send it to you then i have one application.

    i have created one application for trace indian mobile no. just type TRACE & send it to 56767888.

    For e.g TRACE 9421XXXX00 & send it to 56767888

    I think you want something like this.

    my mail id is sandeep_cooll@yahoo.in

    – Sandeep

  475. Kiran Says:

    Hi guys,
    I came across this site after writing a similar post on my blog. My PHP script works on both 160by2.com and way2sms.com.
    You should give it a try at http://www.kiransuniverse.com/blog/2010/08/03/php-script-to-send-free-sms-using-your-160by2-account/

  476. Suresh Says:

    I am trying to use the webservice url http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?wsdl to send an SMS. I am getting the error “Invalid Login” even if i give the correct login credentials. kindly give a solution for this

  477. Bora Appala Reddy Says:

    Hi Tanik,
    I have been using your service http://haryanaithub.com/sendsms.php?uid=……&pwd=….&phone=….&msg=…… and it was working fine till 12th Aug,10. But now it is giving message “invalid login”.
    Could you please suggest me some solution?

    Thanks in advance.

  478. Hemamithra Says:

    Hi i have given correct information but its not working its always displaying invalid login details. This code is working shall i use this code. how many months i can able to use this code. can you able to send me the details to my email. Actually code was working before but recently only not working Can you please check these things.

    Thank you

  479. sushil Says:

    yah haryanapubit not working nowadays.. invalid login message comes.

  480. Jomy Says:

    Hello Ashwin,
    When i’m invoking the URl below:

    It’s giving me an error message “Invalid Login…could you please check this as i’ve a demo for which i’m using this…….


  481. Robinson Says:

    Hi, Dear Ashwin Anand,

    Error Message : Invalid Login
    http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=9898587449&pwd=mypass&phone= 9898019686&msg=Hello+World

    Please if can replt me. It is urgent.

    Thank You Very Much In Advance.

  482. rumon kumar prosad Says:

    Plz give me the way so I can send free sms using way2sms
    . our country code is +880 such as a mobile number is 01722******

  483. Rajeesh Says:

    Hey if you are a developer or user, you have my solution::
    Client and DLL also published here::

  484. sandy Says:

    Dear Aswinanand,
    No websites (aswinanand.com, haryanaithub are working nowdays showing invalid login, so please suggest a new or we have to wait. Please also suggest some permenant method of automatic sms to members with a small fees.

  485. ras Says:

    I got Invalid login output when I use (with correct userid,password of way2sms)your webservice url.Please replyHow can I overcome this problem.

  486. Malay Says:


    This webservice just does now work. I added reference in my asp.net web application and trying to send the message.

    It always saya invalid LOGIN, EVEN THOUGH I can login through the same credentials into way2sms site.

    I get this invalid login message in returned string after calling the Sendsms2Many method. any idea?

  487. rohan Says:

    i got the webservice but i got the result as invalid login.

    i am using .net 2008 for developing
    Please give me the soluion for this.

    thank you

  488. Tushar Tilwani Says:

    Sir same problem invalid login plzzz nybody help….

  489. Mihir Says:

    This post looks very old and all the setting of the web are change so

    this link is not working

    But you can try this it is working


  490. Bala Says:

    Man all those code given above where not working,

    try out the link suggested by Mihir



  491. Sweetram Says:


    Above link was cool

    you can send sms from your desktop


    i want to send sms through php code

  492. Abhishek Says:


    Thanks for your post.

    Will this work with SharePoint 2010 outgoing SMS feature?

  493. raj Says:

    Well I need a php file which works. Can anyone help me? i Tried all the above php files nothing efficient.

  494. Mohan Ram Says:

    Ashwin your script works fine for me on using.

    http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php?uid=9933445566&pwd=password&phone= 9812345678;9933445566&msg=Hello+World

    But i like to implement this in my site. U had provided source for us but i need further documentation to use your source codes to implement it in my website.

  495. Aswin Anand Says:

    Hi Mohan Ram, what help do you need? The whole post is about how to implement it in your website :)

  496. Rajan Arora Says:

    You rock Aswin !!!

    The dll downloaded from the above link is working fine for me …

    Thanks a ton….

  497. Mohamed Ubaidullah Says:

    hi… i hav developed an api for use by everyone.. check it out at http://ubaid.tk/sms/

    you can use the web page created by me, or u can use the api structure.. for example, your application can directly fwd the request to

    http://ubaid.tk/sms/sms.aspx?uid=99999xxxxx&pwd=12345&msg=your sms text which u want 2 send&phone=9996669990&provider=way2sms

    the differen providers are way2sms, fullonsms, smsinside and tezsms..

    works 100%, all the time.. :)


  498. SamTech Says:

    superb ubaidullah….its working fine…

  499. Ankit Jain Says:

    just use this site to send free sms to India (any mobile)


    here are 2 option
    1) login required (fullonsms login work)
    2) without login (500 char support)

  500. Ankit Jain Says:

    fullonsms hack script


    note: msg space should be replace with + sign

  501. Rishit Says:

    just use this site to send free sms to India (any mobile)


    here are 2 option
    1) login required (fullonsms and way2sms login work)
    2) without login (500 char support)

    Direct API
    Way2Sms :
    http://www.webfrnd.com/smsNew.php?uid=WAY2SMSID&pwd=WAY2SMSPASSWORD&msg=your sms text which u want 2 send&phone=901761xxxx&provider=way2sms

    http://www.webfrnd.com/smsNew.php?uid=FULLONSMSID&pwd=FULLONSMSPASSWORD&msg=your sms text which u want 2 send&phone=901761xxxx&provider=fullonsms

    The Best part is this split long messages automatically.

  502. Balaguru Says:

    Hi Ashwin When i will use that service i got this error.
    How to rectified this.,
    some error in port. Please try after some time

  503. sandeep Says:

    Today WAY2SMS site has been chnaged.
    so there code of SMS service have to be chnaged

  504. akshit Says:

    still mixmasala.webfrnd.com is working with post method only
    not get method.

  505. gaamaa Says:

    Seems Way2SMS changed their code. Most of the old code not working. But few client apps are working.
    Pls. update your code and let us know the changes.
    Thanks a million !

  506. Admin Says:

    sorry guys.
    due to webfrnd.com expiry the webfrnd.com is not working still now. most probably this will start from monday again

    till then
    i am providing you other link for sending msg
    for the time being

  507. Admin Says:

    mixmasala.webfrnd.com is again working

  508. snober Says:

    Hi AswinAnand,

    Your website is great…the way u have provided source for sending sms is awesome….

    I tried your php version of sending sms
    1 ) http://www.aswinanand.com/sendsms.php…it says invalid ID

    2) and also tried deploying sendsms.php in my server…it says “done” but i didn’t get any SMS…should i configure something in my server ?

    Please let me know wat should be done

    Thanks for your reply.

    Thanks & Regards,

  509. mustafa Says:

    hello sir

  510. Ankit Jain Says:

    First create a id on way2sms.com

    just download the code


    extract the files and change your way2sms username and password in sendsms.asp and run sms.html

  511. Rams Says:

    Hi Ankit Jain,

    i tried to download script from the link which you provided above but, the file doesn’t downloaded, it shows error while downloading.
    please reply me…

  512. Surendra Soni Says:

    Hi aswin sir,
    I’m doing MCA from mumbai and doing project on C# desktop application which require sending sms features to client and you guide me to implement this features using way2sms service.
    So I’m kindly requesting you to help me to implement this features.Thanking you in advance.

  513. david obama Says:

    great contribution

  514. Source Codes Says:

    Awesome, great article. I know about only first method. No idea about wsdl. Very nice service.

    Thanks for sharing blog.


  515. » Send sms from php using way2sms updated PHPRepo Says:

    […] year before i updated the Ashwin anand’s php code for sending sms from php. later many of them reported that my code too is not work. So now […]

  516. kavitha Says:

    This is Good Post .i followed this concept but didnt work please help me

  517. Ankit Jain Says:

    just check